How To Change a Mountain Bike Tire and Inner Tube

Hi in this video I show you how I change a MTB mountain bike rear tire Schwalbe Racing Ralph and Schwalbe inner tube, the tire was worn down, and also needed a new inner tube. You will also see how i remove the rear wheel and put it back in place again.

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33 Responses to “How To Change a Mountain Bike Tire and Inner Tube”

  1. Spitting on your um.. not so clean hand and rubbing it on the tire? Uuugh! Ew! Sorry, should have had a bit of soapy water handy. Otherwise, pretty helpful except remounting moment, could be much closer up. … sure it is in the dropouts? What are dropouts… the slots on the bike? Ugh. You would be better to be slower about that and talking us through. Thanks anyway.

  2. Thank you so much for making this video

  3. Thank you so much for making this video

  4. Thanks. Very clear explanation.

  5. Rims have a recess running down their center line, so if you pinch the beads together with C clamps or other kinds of clamps, or simply have someone else pinch the beads together, the tires will slide off the rim on the other side WITHOUT tire irons, screwdrivers, spoons… Just your hands.. No damage to the rim, no more pinch flats. Works with bikes, motorcycles, and…unicycles.

  6. Thanks, wish me luck.

    My bike shop told me to use my old tube though instead of a new one.

  7. Sometimes you've just got to wet your fingers and give it a bit of a run before you can fold back the lip

  8. rear mountain bike's tube runs out of air a little everytime I fill it up. I notice after I ride for about 2 miles. Am I supposed to change the factory tube soon after I get my bike or what? are people supposed to put all their weight in the handlebars when riding a mountain bike? Is that the reason it runs out of air a bit?


  10. For me, this was easier to understand than any other video I watched because of showing everything instead of telling. This guy has it down: essentials come first, and details come later. Thank you!

  11. Booooo

  12. I'm glad you showed me how to open the box for the tire thingy. I'd been screwed for an hour or so….

  13. Thanks for sharing this trick thank you very much, sir. Greate Greate .

  14. cant get the tyre off exact same bike

  15. It would have been much more helpful if you explained what you are doing

  16. WTF. Wonder why mine are at least 100x tighter than on any video I have seen online. Clearly doing something wrong but not one video addresses what to do if the tire is so tight it takes over 200lbs of force and doesnt move a mm.

  17. an educational and erotic video. gr8 job.

  18. thank you helped alot

  19. This video just saved me mid-ride. tire fell off. thanks!!!

  20. "I don't know what he is doing since he isn't talking" – he's changing a fucking bike tube, what else do you need?

  21. hello mazon99 I have issue with tyres alignment when I replace a tyre and put wheel back on you can see that tyre is not on same level all around.

  22. Thank you

  23. Thanks a whole lot for making this video Mazon99. I have watched a number of other videos on how to change a tire and inner tube, but yours was by far means the best! You covered all of the details which really helped me out a lot.

  24. Does the tube have to be inflated as you put it in, or can you assemble it first and then pump it like you normally would?

  25. EXCELLENT VIDEO….thank you.


  27. Sweet vid! Probably saved me some money. I do have a question though… Can I use the same inner tube if I just want to change the tire to enhance traction…? Tnx again.

  28. cool video…like the "not too much talking" aspect. very helpful.

  29. Excellent video for someone who has never changed a tire before. Although, I would like to see how you re-mounted the tire back into the derailer so quickly! Thanks for the great vid.

  30. The tip at 5:52 was very helpful, exactly what I needed to do, thanks!

  31. Love the choice of lube you use.

  32. I Have Bondrager G4 Team Issue… i cant remove them

  33. Nicely done, thank you.