How to Change a Bike Inner Tube with Harry Main

Has your session ever been stopped by a flat tyre? Yeah me too. So we are going to teach you guys how to change your inner tube.

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30 Responses to “How to Change a Bike Inner Tube with Harry Main”

  1. White parts are vile

  2. how to set up a full brake system on a bmx

  3. How do you get the London mod to sit on the seat tube? Drill it and bolt it on?

  4. what rear hud do you use?

  5. Cheers that was right gid 🤘🏻

  6. I can't even get the fuckin chain off

  7. Back in the day when screwdrivers weren't around I used anything from plier handles to crescent wrench ends. And once in awhile a would use butter knives. They all worked. Just go slow and careful

  8. Also check your rim strap before u put tube in. Make sure all spoke ends are covered. Unless you have a nice double walls rim then u should be ok

  9. Bicouclye poumps

  10. I didnt have any tire levers, so i used spoons…

  11. And Bobs your uncles grandfather

  12. what is name of the hub u see running

  13. how do you get your brakes to work so well?

  14. how fast do you Go through Inner tubes? I had a brand new inner tube but I broke it in an hour just by jumping up a curb and hitting my rear Wheel on the curb

  15. how do you remove your bakes completely from a bmx bike

  16. so you do alllll that,(without checking the tyre/rim) to get another puncher, waste of a video in all honesty

  17. @harrymain do you sell that bike?

  18. you have the coolest bike ever

  19. i just use my hands:)

  20. How to bmx is a great tip to teach 😂

  21. I have been watching him a while and didn't realize how many tattoos he has lol

  22. What bike is that???

  23. brakes

  24. show us how bunny hop please

  25. that intro

  26. my tires say max 65 psi and i thaught i had 60 untill i used a pressure gauge and i only had 20 XD thats why it felt so shitty lol

  27. how to setup a straight cable rear breaks

  28. He never said how long it took him, but it was about 10 minutes according to my calculations

  29. Your family must be multi-millonares with a bicycle pump empire?! You must be rich Harry?! 😂