Fulcrum Racing 7 Road Wheelset

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The Fulcrum Racing 7 Road Wheelset is entry-level in price alone as it truly has a race-ready soul. The front wheel has a slightly shallower rim height (24mm) than the rear (27.5mm) so there’s no issues in handling when you’re getting buffeted by crosswinds while providing a slightly stiffer rear wheel for optimal power transfer. Machined braking surfaces ensure you can drop out of warp drive with nary a worry and the easily adjustable bearings roll as smooth as silk. Differentiated rim heights between front and rear wheels optimize handling and power transfer Asymmetric rear rim profile ensures better balancing of spoke tensions between drive and non-drive side Machined brake surface delivers safe, powerful braking in all weather conditions Oversized flange on rear hub drive side provides greater torsional stiffness Bearings in ultra-high quality steel races reduce friction and are easy to adjust Shimano/SRAM 11-speed freehub (includes spacer for 8/9/10-speed cassettes)Fulcrum – Racing 7 Clincher Shimano

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