Fixing A Wobbling Rear Wheel Hub

I noticed a weird eccentric wobble on the rear hub of a bike I was working on. I disassembled the hub to discover that someone had overhauled it and installed too many bearings. A rear hub typically has nine 1/4″ bearings on each side. This had ten on each side. So I cleaned everything and put it back together with the proper number of new bearings. This eliminated big wobble in the hub. There was still a slight bit of wobble in the freewheel, but this is not uncommon due the manufacturing process of the hubs.

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  • Great video God Bless

  • What's the brand of your grease gun?

  • The wobble is from the threads on the hub. It's not machined perfectly straight thus the freewheel screws on a bit crooked.

  • still unsure why the wobble occurred. do you think the races were worn or damaged due to the improper amount of bearings, or somehow the mounting mech was damaged or worn?

  • RJ I love you're vids but can you not say "and" so much please I have no hate just hate the word and

  • b

    So the wobble is in the hub what else could it be.

  • what kind of tube good for a road bike for a guy that's 250

  • fw's alwaaaays wobbles a little god knows why ishe made it that way.

  • how much wobble do you consider "dangerous'?

  • I always use a similar size closed wrench over the dust cap to tap it back in evenly. As for the wobble, it's the off-centered free wheel configuration, compared to the more balnaced free-hub/cassette combination. That usually wears out the hub shell unevenly. Always love watching your videos, RJ, in fact, you're my bike mentor. Thanks

  • Exactly my problem on an ancient Huffy. Thanks! Also your video on cassette vs. freewheel was the best on the topic.

  • I have an old schwinn that has this issue.. never noticed anything while riding it. strange

  • Would it be easier to use a piece of wood over the dustcap and tap on the wood (or a wide rubber mallet)? I would assume there is less of a chance of damaging it and it would be more likely to go in straight. But what really baffles me is why you removed both cones. Shouldn't the axle come out once you remove either of the cones? Was it just to make cleaning it easier and exposing the thread to your cleaner?

  • So glad i found your channel, I plan on repairing an older ish schwinn my family has had for years. and the back tire/free wheel wobbles, so I'm going to buy the tools I need to take the free wheel off and see if I have the same problem. thanks for uploading such a detailed video that's very straight forward and to the point,

  • aw you left the dorkdisc on!

  • Certainly anything like the bearing cup in the hubshell being loose, cracked or just heavily worn will wobble the freewheel and any brake disc as well.  Bent axle or bad cone actually won't make the freewheel or the brake disc wobble, the hub will still spin concentric around it.  Also, with the spoke protector disc, some are alloy which easily squeezes out unevenly under pressure at the freewheel seating surface, and some are pretty thick steel that fits loosely off-center, so can prevent the freewheel seating evenly on the hub shell.  Those wobbling freewheels usually perform alright in actual use though!  dddd

  • The usual cause of these wobbling freewheels is the spoke protector disc, it does not mate evenly with the hub because the hole in the disc is slightly too large and the seating surface is extremely narrow.  This causes the freewheel to sit cocked on the hub, then wobble when the wheel is turned.Removing the protector disc usually fixes the problem because it now seats squarely against the hub.

  • hey! nice video! could you tell me what kind of grease you use? and what kind of grease gun that is? thanks :)

  • watching carefully and thanks

  • What kind of vice was that?

  • this video was helpful, thank you, I have the same problem with my back wheel, and my front wheel is also messed up, would there be a way I can send you a video to show you what's wrong?

  • man, i wish you'd live in my neighbourhood! great videos!

  • very good videos but i have a question my bicycle axles are bending a lot i have replaced two and now the third is bent again how to solve that problem?

  • I watched all your video's and taken apart all my bikes…. now i realize i just like the videos… and i have a huge mess of parts in my tiny apartment.

  • how about truing the wheels? Ive tried truing my wobbly rear wheels (which caused one of the spokes to hit the derailleur) and the wobble is less worse than before

  • Thanks to this video, while it wasn't directly what my problem was, it helped me solve it.

    My rear wheel was wobbling in the frame and I have a quick release. I thought the quick release was a bit slack so, I tightened it a little, no joy.

    I then proceeded to take apart my hub, which is where your clear and detailed instructions helped me. I realised my cone was a little loose and just needed to be moved along the axle a little. So, I took two spanners (wrenches), one for the cone, one for the locknut and loosened them. I moved the cone along the axle a little, tightened the locknut, put it back together and then back in the frame.

    I got a slight wobble but I realised I was on the right track and proceeded with the same steps. A little more along the axle and hey, not a single bit of wobble or play.

    Your video saved me a good £50 in a bike shop repair so, thank you very, very much for your exceptional tutorial.

  • It's bad machining of the wheel hub that is the cause of the wobble. The freewheel is normally machined true, but the wheel hub sometimes on cheaper makes, has not been placed in the lathe machine correctly.

  • In Bikes I have fixed the cheaper the hub, the more wobble there is in the freewheel. I assume it has something to do with the level of attention to detail when manufacturing it.

  • My rear wheel has lateral movement, what can i do for fix this problem?
    Should i replace the bearings?
    Any advice will be much appreciated, thanks!

  • It's not a good idea to put grease on the threads. Prevents the nuts from getting loose on the road. Keep them bone dry.

  • I bought my bike 4 weeks ago. I've ridden it maybe a total of 12 hours. Nothing to rough. Today I noticed the rear wheel wobbling and the rear brakes seem to only work intermittently. I assume they related. The cogs wobble with the wheel too. I haven't had any major crash either. Any ideas? It was fine up until today.

  • 3:38 the old grease looks like peanut butter

  • My bmx front wheel moves side to side nothing like that just play in in

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