Fixing A Slipping Clutch on Motorised Bicycle (Full Tutorial)

Fixing a sliding clutch can improve performance of your motorised bicycle.

Causes can be due to foreign objects such as oil, fuel and dirt going inside the clutch.

Replacement clutch pads can be bought here:

Or even just ‘Google’ or search on eBay for ‘motorised bicycle clutch pads’.


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  • I liked your video. but your not 100% sure of what your talking about. not to sound rude or anything. just kept thinking to myself why haven't you explained how the clutch works? yeah you pull the lever the cable pulls in and what not. but you didn't explain how it actually works. those rubber friction pads make contact with the friction plate that has that single screw that holds the center clutch bolt in place. the spring pushes the friction plate against the rubber pads that is locked to the drive gear. so pressing the lever compresses the spring moving the friction plate away from the rubber pads thus engaging free motion from the engine. but everything you did in your video does explain how to fix a slipping clutch if it is due to dirt and grime.

  • worked perfect thanks brother keep up the good work

  • hold clutch in u can get fn off easy.

  • My clutch was chronically stuck (almost since I bought the engine) and now seems to be seized completely. Adjusting the notches on the flower nut only worked for a few stops for traffic lights on a trip and then the clutch seized tight again. Eventually that didn't work anymore. A friend took off the cover on the other (chain sprocket) side, took out the pin, thought it was broken (is the one side of the pin supposed to be slightly sloped?), and put in a 1/4 spacer rod and replaced the pin. I tried a new method  where I tried adjusting the cable connecting to the handlebar by pushing the arm tight and retightening the screw. That worked for a while (with adjustments every few stops again) but that method failed soon after and the clutch seized "permanentaly".  Now I don't know what to do and can't ride at all.

    I did take off the chain sprocket cover again to remove the makeshift spacer by poking in the pinhole with a screwdriver but could not find it. However a ball bearing and some sort of tiny cap fell out. What happened to the spacer? Could it have been ground up into powder?

  • I just want to say thanks for the video because my clutch is slipping and the bike is still kinda new I'ma have road about a gallon worth of gas out of it but I didn't no u suppose to peddle after you stop to get the bike rolling then easy off the clutch I no now and I can fix the slipping now

  • how do you take off the wheel that holds the pads ?

  • how do you take off the wheel that holds the pads ?

  • I've adjusted my clutch today and to my surprise my engine didn't come with the clutch spring.

  • The clutch pads come in different colors and styles. the ones here are a type that are checkered on one side and black on the other, and the width looks pretty good and not even close to worn.

    Some pads are all red, just look them up.. =)

  • If you pull and lock the clutch lever you can remove the flower nut without tools.

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