Fix A Flat Fast – How To Change An Inner Tube In Record Time

Get back on the road in record time with our guide to replacing an inner tube in under two minutes.
Comment below with your record!
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Punctures aren’t great. You’re not going to find anyone who enjoys stopping at the side of the road and fixing a flat. So, we thought that we should put together a guide to get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

Simon did it in just under two minutes. Can you beat that? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Took me over an hour to put on two brand tyres and inner tubes, spent the longest on the back tyre trying get it off the wheel rim without any tyre levers nightmare

  • half an hour, then went for lunch, then some more…

  • thanks man was pretty easy putting a new tube but taking it out was a fucking pain that i would of went kill the guy who invented that fucking wheel type lololol really saved another pain in the ass, i mean hands D:

  • I commute about 20 + miles every day on my bike and use the horrendous A200 so lots of punctures got fed up and with a little trial and error started using Scwalbe Marathon Plus tyres – I have never had a puncture since – any one else with the same experience?

  • Where is duct tape? Lets gag him he talks too much

  • What if your tyre is a right cunt and nothing works as it should?

  • It took me an hour to get the wheel off

  • Changed my first inner tube using this vid….. I think your record is safe haha! Bit of an ordeal and lacking tools, this will be fixed for the future. Good video, thanks!

  • Last time i had to change y inner tube was on the rear, it was initially a little annoying given I need to clean my drivetrain but, managed 15-20 min I believe… (Damn finger plates damaged my rear rim too)

  • thanks for the guide I watched all 3 of the videos regarding on how to repair/replace the inner tube and i just finished doing my first repair for it. Sadly, i might actually holes because of the way I try to push the inner tube in and I later tried a method i thought up on the spot and it worked much easier :P

  • Allright. It takes me half an hour just to get enough warmth and strength in my hands to get the tire off the rim. Then another hour of unsuccessful searching for any sharp objects in the tire. (I must say that it was winter, rainy, and pitch- dark). And then after installing a brand new inner tube and discovering that there sure must be something sharp in the tire because the brand new inner tube just got flat, i need another hour to dry and paste the old tire and an hour to swap it again. But the ones who perseveres win.

  • after discovering the inner tube was faulty it took me 25 minutes – 1st time 😀 I'm happy thank you for vid

  • I use conti ultra race (no wire bead) come off very very easy!! Defo could change in 2 mins without any issues 👍

  • I use STOP Flats2 Tire Liners. I have not had a single road flat since I started using this product. I carry a spare tube when I am on a long ride, but I have never needed to use it.

    One problem that I have when changing a tube is that I have a latex sensitivity. Maybe I should use non-latex gloves when working with tires and tubes.

  • took me forty minutes to pry my gatorskins off the other day…..

  • Aww, a skinny little road tire, on a front wheel, with rim brakes; that's so adorable!

    My first flat in 30+ years (mostly off bikes) was on my shiny new Giant fitness bike last month. Rear tire, and I'd never even seen a disc brake up close before. Took me an hour, and I was quite pleased with myself. Then I went home and bought Specialized Hemisphere Armadillos. Hah! That'll teach that road!

  • 15-30 mins for me with a lot of expletives and arguing with inanimate objects!

  • I can change a tyre at home re inflating with a floor pump in well under 3 minutes, but out on the road takes longer cause I'm checking for what caused the flat, re inflating with a mini pump & I don't have a nice bench to work on. There are too many variables that effect time taken out on the road. Anything under 5 minutes is still good so don't stress if your not fast, just do it properly and keep riding. :-)

  • hmm… while I've never tried to go for a record in changing my flat tires, my friend did time me with her phone last time, and while not being rushed about it, I got three:thirty, I think that's quite good tbh. :)

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