Epic Story Clueless Man Needs Electric Bike

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Clueless chap could have used an electric bike. Did you hear the true story about the worker in China who rode his bicycle the Wrong Way for 500km? He was trying to make it home for the Chinese New Year and he didn’t have the money for a plane ticket. An electric cargo bike would have made a huge difference on a ride as long as the one he had to make. An ebike would have given him the ability to power through some hills and mountains without stopping.

Clueless Man Rode Wrong Way for 30 Days

electric bike

A guy cycles past a household complex under design, which can be reflected in a puddle, inside Taiyuan, Shanxi province August 3, 2012.

Talk about being clueless. Almost everyone has gotten lost while traveling before. Most of us, at one time or another, have driven or ridden in the wrong direction before without realizing it. However, what happened to this young man in China takes getting lost to an unheard-of level. The People’s Online Daily in China reported that the poor migrant worker above only realized he was going the wrong way after having ridden over 300 miles for 30 days on his bike.

Wanted to see his Family for New Years

The man wanted to make it home in time for the Chinese New Year celebration with family in Heilongjiang, China’s most north-easterly province. Getting home required riding 1700 km, or 1056 miles, on his bicycle. In what turned out to be a very bizarre mistake, he rode in the wrong direction. Instead of riding North, he went very far South.

Stopped by Police

The man’s mistake only became apparent because the cyclist was stopped by police, in the Wuhu urban center in Anhui province on Saturday (Jan 20), on a highway where bikes are not allowed. He had commenced his journey from Rizhao, a port on the Orange Sea in the Shandong area. The map below shows you the long distance he rode before being stopped.

electric bike

Man rode by mistake from a port on the Yellow Sea (1) to (3), in the direction of Taiwan, and Hong Kong. He was supposed to ride from 1 to 2, near the Russian border.

Illiterate – Couldn’t Read Road Signs

Sometimes listening to, or following the advice of, other people may not be the right course of action. Evidently illiterate, the rider explained to police that he could not understand road signs or routes and that he was too poor to buy a ticket on a train. And the mistake he made was to ask others for directions. Rather than tell him that they didn’t know, more than one person sent him in the wrong direction.

Police Raised Money to Buy HimĀ Train Ticket Home

Feeling sorry for this person, many police officers and toll-booth workers donated money to help purchase a train ticket and sent him home by train. All’s well that ends well. In the end, he definitely reached his home in time to celebrate the Chinese New Year along with his family and friends. In a place as large as China, this poor chap could really have used one of those electric bikes.

Via: http://news.asiaone.com/news/asia/chinese-worker-cycles-500km-wrong-direction-get-home-chinese-new-year#sthash.Nb4i7b3J.dpuf

The two electric cargo bikes below would have made a huge difference in this Chinese worker’s ride.

Clueless Man Needed Electric Bike

electric bike

NAKTO 26″ 250W Cargo 6 Speed Electric Bike

Electric cargo bikes can go upwards of 25 miles per hour on a charge that can last for 30 or more miles. By preserving his power for the hills in this very mountainous part of China, a bicycle like this could have carried his supplies and really improved his very long ride. Check out more electric bikes like this here. Another good option would have been the

PFIFF Adult CarrierĀ Cargo Electric Bike

electric bike

PFIFF Adult Carrier Cargo Electric Bike

This German-designed and made Carrier Cargo electric bike will fascinate everyone. The bike’s huge loading platform allows easy maneuvers, no matter how heavily the load, with little effort. Amazingly, this bicycle folds without any tools.