Continental Touring Plus Reflex Urban Bicycle Tire (700×28)

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Continental 0100106 Touring Plus Reflex 700 x 28 Urban Tire has a compact, highly elastic rubber breaker that makes the Touring Plus extremely resistant. Stones, glass splitters and thorns have no chance. Whatever you ride over can’t break or pierce the Security Breaker layer underneath the tread. The Plus Breaker belt provides extreme puncture-resistance protection. The layer strength of the Breaker is adapted to the rolling movement of the tire. The Touring Plus remains very comfortable in spite of its protective coating and rolls and steers very lightly. The Touring Plus features a high grade silica tread compound for high mileage and improved adhesion under all conditions. It also comes with Reflex reflective sidewall stripes. Specs: Weight – 580 grams; Recommended PSI – 80; Maximum PSI – 102; PU – 10.Plus Breaker Puncture Proof Technology
Breaker Belt is Adapted to the Rolling Movement of the Tire
Rolls and Steers very Lightly
High Grade Silica Tread Compound for High Mileage and Improved Adhesion Under all Conditions
Very Comfortable Despite it’s Protective Coating

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