Continental Double Fighter III Urban Tire

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Continental Double Fighter III Urban Tire is modeled on the successful concept of its predecessor. The center, with its light tread, rolls smoothly and quietly on tarmac. Off-road, the shoulder’s heavy tread provides the necessary grip. The Double Fighter III playfully combines high speed on the road with reliable grip on off-road terrain This means it is also suitable for MTBs & Hybrids that are used mainly on-road and occasional light off-road terrain. The use of a tough mesh sidewall means that the tire will be more resistant to urban debris and the service life of the tire will also be improved. Ideal for commuters needing on/off road performance and reliability. Specifications: Weight – 780 grams; Recommended PSI – 50; Maximum PSI – 65; PU – 10. For Sporty ATB and Trekking Bikes
Fast Center Tread with Shoulder Lugs for Assured Traction
Tough Sidewall to Protect Tire from Urban Debris
Tread is Based on the Original Double Fighter MTB Racing Tire
Tire Rolls Smoothly and Quietly on Tarmac

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