Check And True A Bike Wheel

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A bike wheel rim can usually be repaired if it’s only slightly out of true. If there is a more serious ‘dent’ in the rim, then it will have to be replaced. People often leave the task of trueing a bike wheel to their local bike shop, but once you know the procedure it’s easy to do at home. You will need a spoke key and preferably have a wheel truing stand. If you don’t have one of these, you can put together a makeshift truing stand by lashing a pencil to your front forks.


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7 Responses to “Check And True A Bike Wheel”

  1. Great video . Very clear and easy instructions on how to fix your wheels . I majorly stuffed mine and this helped me get it back .

  2. Very clear instructions. A well-made, thoughtful lesson. Many thanks.

  3. Very good video, it played on repeat while I was tuning, perfect repeating instructions

  4. @10: voiceover says "tightening", but I am seeing wrench turned anti-clockwise. Isn't that the loosening direction?

  5. This is truly the best video on YouTube (possibly the net) on the subject, thank you sir!

  6. Some people are proper teachers. This man has one the best vids on the topic because he uses method and technique that all good teachers use: organized content, repetition, cautions and clear, uncluttered language. An excellent bit of tutoring!

  7. Finally a video that truly explains how to tru a bicycle wheel correctly. great video I especially how it is broken up into different segments.