Changing a Road Bike Tire Jill and Bizzy show you how to fix a flat out on the road.


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46 Responses to “Changing a Road Bike Tire”

  1. You mean changing a tube. The tire remains on the bike the whole time.

  2. Thanks !….it was really helpful yesterday, because I got two tires flat …

  3. Oh man I rode home 5 miles on a flat yesterday, screw doing this myself. Looks too difficult. I'll just pay a guy to fix it..

  4. Way to not talk about lining up the tire so it's strait.

  5. did he say "Blow it with your mouth?" hahahah

  6. thanks, very helpful..

  7. 30 mins to change an inner tube, the mind boggles. Maybe if you had no replacement tube and you had to fix it then and there, else…

  8. Really Appreciate the Video!

  9. Is this music necessary?

  10. Who lays their bike in the dirt ? Not me, it's a whole hell of a lot easier to just flip your bike upside down …. Instant bike stand …

  11. helpful, thanks.

  12. Stupidest comment ever made!!

  13. If you commute, always have a spare inner tube handy, as well as levers.

    They're small and can fit into a bag.

  14. replacing an INNER TUBE not a tire

  15. You would use a CO2 cartridge instead of a pump. 

  16. No, but they could say for an average person, it do in fact take about 30 minutes.

  17. befor to go on a long trip, BRING A PUMP WITH YOU.. stupid question !!..

  18. 1.28 blow air in tyre if you have no pump, how the hell are you going to put enough air in tyre without pump ?

  19. they have a spare tube, tire levers, pump but no bike reflector. 

  20. It certainly is possible and many people do. I do not. Patches fail.

  21. Would someone please actually show how to get the tire back on once the tube is in? is that too much to ask?

  22. So it is not possible to patch up a road tyre at all ?????? You have to get a new one???Thanks ;-)

  23. Great video…quick and too the point!

  24. they actually did mention it.

  25. Would you rather that they moan and grown because of the poor weather? it's just an info video BRO

  26. Jill is amazing!!

  27. better than walking home

  28. nice ass

  29. Nice legs :-)

  30. Forgot to mention to close the brake calliper.

  31. you make it sound too easy, mmmm how about 30 minutes and its 117 degrees outside in Arizona. I"TS FREAKING HARD DOWN HERE TO DO THAT STUFF!

  32. nice one i was very curious how to change racer's tires ^^ Thank you!

  33. Would be nice if such terms as dropouts and skewers were explained. Anyone who doesn't know how to change a bike tire is a complete newbie. And if they are a complete newbie, they might not know what dropouts and skewers are. The devil is in the details. Especially in a how to video. 

  34. Actually its VERY rare situation when u need to change a tire not the tube =)

  35. yer i believe so, you hold your mouth over the stick out bit…and your friend or partner squeeze your cheek 

  36. if you have to change a tire, you must also go through this process. 

  37. it also assumes you have a spare tire and air. who rides without a flat kit?

  38. i do blow it up a bit. and @oledcrt: most, if not all, road bikes do have the presta valves. 

  39. Yes, you can pump enough air into the tube using your mouth so the tire is manageable. It will have almost no pressure inside of it using your mouth but is essential to keep it inside the tire.

  40. Pretty good video but danbroom is absolutely correct-You need to find what caused the flat before fitting new tube. I usually remove the wheel, reinflate the tyre until I can hear or feel air escaping, check the area, remove the cause and mark the tyre with chalk, pen or make a mental note where it is. Follow the video and remove the tube. But before replacing it, feel under the tyre round the marked area and remove anything thats inside the tyre. Once done follow the video again-all done. 

  41. No comMent

  42. Thank you! This video helped me change my first flat. Whew.

  43. Assumes you have a bike rim lever

  44. she hasn't found what caused the puncture so it's likely she'll just puncture again 500 yards down the road. Either it's a pinch puncture, a problem with the valve or rubber, or 90% of the time it's something in the tire which needs to FOUND and got rid of. 

  45. i do that so then I can get the tire properly in , then I just pump the rest with co2