Bike Repairs 2 : How to Fix Brakes on a BMX Bike

When fixing brakes on a BMX bike, the most common problem to look for is whether or not the cable is adjusted correctly. Determine how to properly fix your BMX bike brakes with help from a bicycle mechanic in this free video on BMX bike repairs.

Expert: Christian Hartwig
Bio: Christian Hartwig has been a bicycle mechanic for over 21 years.
Filmmaker: Drew Noah


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25 Responses to “Bike Repairs 2 : How to Fix Brakes on a BMX Bike”

  1. The cable is very sharp

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  10. How come when I pull my brakes yet don't work at all?

  11. @altosaxman9 I dont think it matters. When i took my brakes apart i think is switched the springs around cuz i took em both out and didnt know which was which. it might matter idunno. 

  12. @altosaxman9 You twisted the springs the wrong way. Try turning the tensoner thing on the brakes the other way. I did this to.

  13. hi

    can any post a video put how to replace a hub on a 20 inch bmx plastic mags??

    send me link if u can or know one is one on youtube or internet 

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  18. how bout for the spring in the brake arms because i would brake but the lever wont return back it would stay stuck

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  21. do you have to have a cable hanger for brakes??


  23. ima fix mine, the brakes or holding my tire

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