Bike Repair – Schwinn Speedster “Wheel Restore & Fender Fix” BikemanforU Show Episode 19-20 Wheel restoration continues with a lot of cone wrench usage. First, BikemanforU delves into his Schwinn Speedster bike restoration with metal rivet repair on a chrome fender using his mother’s father’s anvil. Sebastian gloves up for some major wheel cleaning. The axle, cups, bearing retaining washers and bearings all undergo a thorough brushing. Then BikemanforU re-packs everything with more grease than your favorite diner, so he can have this wheel ready for the Dial Test. Free shipping on bike parts, tires, tools, and accessories..


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32 Responses to “Bike Repair – Schwinn Speedster “Wheel Restore & Fender Fix” BikemanforU Show Episode 19-20”

  1. Can I convert from a 3/8 axle to a 5/16 axle on the same rim?

  2. bike man lifts my spirit, he is my bike manual, im learning to do my own repairs, thanks a million, your knowledge is gold, your personality is so refreshing. If i need parts count on my business

  3. Good to see some real skills here

  4. LOVE YOUR VID'S BUTTTTTT…..can YOU get A gRiP Of yOuR sOuNd ? …..PLEASE! 🙂 I watch at night 🙂 and the all of sudden sound SCARS THE B-JESUS OUT OF ME !  🙁

  5. AHHH YEA THATS THE BEST!!! got me just crackin up hahaha

  6. Big Brother!I got Three problems 1)First of all,how old are you 2)In the video,7min30 seconds What is the gray box
    What type of it Where I can get it 3)In the end,why the old man wears GIANT 's shirt

  7. Ball bearing gauge works too but pretty limited in it's use.

  8. Can I use ketchup instead of grease?

  9. Awe man you're funny! It makes your vids much from good to great!

  10. Hey, love your videos. I had a question. Can you recommend a generic "kit" that would contain nuts bolts and washers for your everyday bike.

  11. We use elbow grease no ultra sonic here

  12. Bikeman – how many ball bearings in the front and back for each side?

  13. Bikeman – how many ball bearings go in the front axle and how many go in the rear axle? Is the number of bbs the same for front and rear, or different? Also will the size of the ball bearing be the same in front and rear? Thanks 🙂

  14. hey bikeman im kind of new to bike building and ran into a problem , the thing is i was removing a striped axle and installing a new one but the thing is now i want to add a new chrome rear sproket , will my local bike shop be able to replace the clutch and driver and shoes on my coaster wheel ? is that a easy job and how much do you think is would cost about ballpark ?

  15. Thanks we had a lot of fun with this project. Hope you are a sub and are checkin out our live show tests. Soon we will have all the bugs worked out. would you like to be a guest???

  16. Nice job big guy

  17. I'm workin on it keep your pants on.. with a little luck sometime tomorrow.. Just kidding on the pants thing…thx for your comment

  18. I cant find parts 4, 5 ,and 6 did this get stolenLOL!

  19. You forgot to mention a important point to people who have a quick release lever on the front wheel. You have to leave the adjustment a little loose to compensate for the tightening of the quick release lever. If you make it perfect and then tighten the quick release lever the hub is going to be too tight.

  20. Mr Bikeman, how do you know if it is time to repack the hubs…on my vintage Raleigh that's 30 years old the hubs still seem to spin smoothly…would I see a benefit from the overhaul?

  21. I'm really excited for the 3-speed hub part. I took an old Shimano 3-speed apart a couple weeks ago and it took me forever to get back together. Guys at the local shop told me I was out of luck and didn't want to touch that mess. I'd like to see how a pro does it.

  22. Curse a little than try try again XD

  23. how much you askin for i t when its done.?

  24. Bravo, Bravo!, Bikeman. Thanks for the fun…

  25. Great series, love it!

  26. i'm loving these restoration videos bikeman, always nice to see something given a second chance

  27. Awssome I'm hanging on your every video.

  28. you are a one crazy man that i can't stop watchin' from the other end of the world, turkey…

  29. fenders are such a pain in the ass

  30. I'm Lovin that Anvil !!! You are a Real good Teacher Not as Pretty as some I've had But you make up for it With Intelligence Great video !!! Oh and what was the depth of that diameter ???

  31. yes under 300 for comment and views