Bike Repair – Schwinn Speedster Part 2 “Wheel Restoration” BikemanforU Show Episode 19 A complete wheel overhaul shown and explained, with spoke tensioning, axle repacking for our Schwinn Speedster Restoration part 2, as BikemanforU says “SSR.” Watch how to use the bike tools – cone wrenches, spoke wrench, a clean bench – you must have and what’s not necessary – tensiometer or truing stand – for this kind of wheel repair. Free shipping on bike parts, tools, and accessories.


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48 Responses to “Bike Repair – Schwinn Speedster Part 2 “Wheel Restoration” BikemanforU Show Episode 19”

  1. filtered out 10w30 dose wonders for bearings.

  2. how do u clean the rust off the crome on your bikes

  3. learn a lot thanks!

  4. This guy's out there man…. I love it!

  5. I remember the coaster break skid marks.. great video

  6. my front wheel is soooo messed up. its like a roller coaster from side to side. i keep playing with it but im not getting anywhere. Thought my truing skills are better

  7. liking this just for the dedication u put to make this video 😉 thankyou Sir

  8. You're awesome! Keep doing what you do

  9. I love your videos, subscribed!

  10. Now I made Deez tighter

  11. every3rd spoke half turn thank you.

  12. Are you fucking high?

  13. I use a Magnet when removing bearings. It works wonders…
    saves me from having to crawl around on the ground looking for the ones that dropped

    Cheers Bikeman

  14. hello there! I have downloaded your show, and I am learning from it. I want to buy a bike and I want to be able to fix them by my self. and I am learning the basics now. and your video is a real help. thank you.

  15. life saver u just earn another sub. and. u just save me time and a trip to my bike shop. s/o pedal powers.

  16. thanks mate! This saved my day!

  17. and another thirty bucks saved! Thank you, Bikeman!

  18. Thank you for the instructions, been like crazy searching for a tutorial that explain with detail how to true a bicycle wheel when the spoke are totally loose, no one says a thing about the 123 just a half!!!!👏👏👏👍😀

  19. I love this!…So glad I found your channel!…

  20. thanks bike man. I feel like I owe you money.

  21. Thank you bike man for being an awesome spokesman.Love your show.

  22. Hi Bike man! what if it is just only one spot to be adjusted? Not the whole wheel. Thanks!

  23. Thank you for being so helpful

  24. Will the "special sauce" hurt my anodized finish on my nice Araya rims?

  25. thanks bike man ! I have an old world Schwinn and I'm trying to restore it a little your videos helped a lot.You really know your stuff!

  26. thank you very much.
    very useful video

  27. I use a telescoping magnet great for when they fall on the ground/floor too and you can't see them but I like your method to as they go straight into the container.

  28. I like to 50/50 special sauce. Love the enthusiasm and the "jimmy rigging" ideas.

  29. dude, you're amazing

  30. do you have a email adderss mr bike man

  31. haha bikeman you make it so interesting to watch 7:41 . Keep it up and also I also noticed you lost a lot of weight compared to 2012 keep it up #onelesscar

  32. god bless you 
    "جزاك الله كل خير"

  33. I really like you .You have a real good bike show .Your cool .When i bought one of those park cones tools ,I stupidly over tighten a lock nut with a cone ,using a crescent ,Now it;s froze ,Why ?The front axle  had rust,but it was not on the important side of the axle

  34. you were on eBay or some one who works for you when i had ask you if a reasonably price rear wheel could take  a 7 speed flywheel, aka freewheel.You  or that other person said yes.i read a bike guide that state that the best bikes you can get are 300 dollars rs ,the cheapest or more and the department store bikes are not good cause they  put the part in the wrong way, aka like my Schwinn bottom crank arms were way to tight for me to remove them .The freewheel is fro-zed like  ice ,not even a 7 foot cheater bar worked ,this is why i am buying a new back wheel .On the other hand if it was not for department store bike the average person could not afford one .,Only the wealthy,.I seen front and back wheel sold as much as the price of a motor cycle

  35. learing a lot, thanks bikeman and crew

  36. You are legend!!!!

  37. This is on THE HIGH VIEW LIST… I can see why.. Can you???

  38. thnx man 
    its funny as hell + educating ppl lol

  39. Do you have stores in New Jersey?

  40. My wheels were ending up looking like a 50 pence piece so I tried the 1 plus 3 rule and they came out spot on,so thanks for that

  41. hi bikeman.iam going to buy a 20" three wheel bike from fringerhut its called, the  weatport three wheel trike.i wonder if I could, put a 21 speed on it.from the mogoose that I now have.i can not ride the 26"MONGOOSE,, I had heart attack 3 stokes,and three way by pass, three years ago, and I can not do the things I use to, would like to use the 26" wheels,on the back and maybe the 20" on the front and 21speed gears.

  42. Less talk more show boy

  43. THANKYOU, THANKYOU, THANKYOU!! I knew I didn't need a stupid stand! Just picked up a mountain bike with a bent up rim and I haven't had a bike since the BMX days of my teens lol THIS is why I love youtube!! We're def. subbing!

  44. What was that again? You said I needed a truing stand, ok.

  45. Dude I hate your hair…. BUT, I learn sooo much from you. thanks!!!

  46. What is the truing stand brand or were did you get it 

  47. Yes. The idea is to tighten a little at a time and evenly