Bike Repair 1 – How to Remove and Replace a Bike Wheel

This marks the first installment of a weekly video series in collaboration with the UO Bike Program on common bike problems and how to fix them.
Garrett Kovacs outlines the process for proper wheel removal and replacement, an essential first step for changing a flat tire.

Produced by Tommy Pittenger


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21 Responses to “Bike Repair 1 – How to Remove and Replace a Bike Wheel”

  1. I would check out other videos on how to remove the wheel. At least if you want to remove the wheel without getting chain grease all over your hands. Is this a degree at UO??? :-)

  2. With respect to the smallest gears or "hardest" gears, to which number (on a bicycle where the shift levels are numbered) would those gears correspond?

  3. University of Oregon Bike Program??? He must be a Super Saiyan IV Hipster.

  4. This video showed how to remove and reinstall the same wheel. I t did not show how to replace the wheel.

  5. how inviting! see ya soon

  6. Thanks. The presenter is very professional and the video is very useful in understanding how to remove the rear wheel and put it back into the bike.

  7. The Twat in the hat!

  8. Man!. Everything you say in the video is Mickey Mouse. I was hoping for you to teach how to align the wheel which is where I have a problem with. I mean, the tire moves from side to side. How can I explain it?.

  9. my bike needs help

  10. Mines too tight and im breaking it when i try to unscrew it

  11. QUICK TIP: make sure the tyre is deflated when you install it to give you maximum clearance and and an easier install.

  12. i have a bike with a quick release lever, and have problems how to put things back especially with that two springs ..getting me confused

  13. How about older bikes from the 70s? 

  14. Thanks for this vid. Taking my back wheel off was easy… putting it back on i was L O S T. This vid helped big time :)

  15. How the hell do you align the rear wheel perfectly?
    demonstrate that.

  16. Thanks for the closeup shots. Very helpful.

  17. Thank you ! I found the solution of old type knob right here !

  18. thanks so much! You helped me a lot!

  19. This was great – simple and informative.

  20. Thank you for sharing. Just a few minutes of watching this video saved me time figuring it out myself.

  21. Thank you very much