Bike Maintenance – Fix a Chain Jam


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21 Responses to “Bike Maintenance – Fix a Chain Jam”

  1. What if it jams on the chain ring instead?

  2. brilliant, just brilliant!! thanks a million.

  3. I'm not capable of fixing my bike by myself but watched the whole video anyway just because your accent is cool. :-)

  4. looks like steve austin sounds like shamus noice

  5. good video, but my situAtion is different, i have a roAD BIKE and my chain is stuck between the frame and big ring of bike..any suggestions??

  6. Thanks!  This is exactly what happened to me yesterday – leaving me stranded!  I was going to take my bike to the shop today to have it adjusted, even though I knew it had to be something simple.  Instead, rather than continue to be ashamed that, at my age, I still don't know a lot of the basics about bicycle maintenance, I decided to learn how to fix it.

    Just as I suspected:  It's not that complicated.  Your video was very clear and easy-to-understand.

  7. you are a gem

  8. How do you get the chain off while its still on my mountain bike without a chain tool to break ?

  9. I was using my mountain bike and it has 6 speeds but when I used a different speed the chain got all messed up how do I fix it the problem is that I can't pedal forward and the chain is lose

  10. How do you do it if it's in the wheel and the wheel won't come away from the frame 

  11. My chain is completely off the front and is in loops 

  12. Thank you so much!!  I just fixed my bike,  and I know next to nothing about bikes!

  13. Thank you! It seems obvious now, but didn't before I watched this

  14. what to do when chain goes stuck in front?

  15. Hello, do you know how to  get a loop knot out of a bike chain?

  16. and what are the odds of someone cycling with a spanner

  17. Thanks a ton!!!!!!!

  18. well, thank god YouTube and this kind of videos exist. Super useful … i was stucked and this just made me fix the problem.

  19. thank you so much! this was very helpful :)

  20. thanks i have a bike feild trip coming up and you saved my bike!! 5/5 :D