Bike Chain Replacement

The chain on this Trek 850 was extremely worn. So I replaced it with a new KMC chain. I like the KMC chains with the missing link connector. They are also very affordable.

Park Tool CC-3.2 Chain Gauge:

Park Tool CT-5 Chain Break Tool:

Park Tool CT-3.2 Chain Break Tool:

KMC Z-72 7-8sp chain:

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39 Responses to “Bike Chain Replacement”

  1. The chain isn't oiled though?

  2. you don't need this joining pin. I reattach it the same way ( in reverse) tricky but nicer

  3. Should I lube a brand new chain?


  5. Hello ! I have a 10 year old mtb with 8 speed shimano cassette. I am looking to replace the rear wheel (with a new 8 speed shimano cassette) with a new one to mount a disc brake. If I install a new shimano cassette (say 8 speed shimano hg41), will my old shimano chain be still compatible with the new shimano cassette even though they're of the same "type"(8 speed) and brand? Could you please reply ? I am really keen into finding out whether the chain will still be compatible or not so I can do the work myself… Thanks!

  6. Thought you might use the chain measuring tool after replacing the old chain at the end of the video.

  7. thanks, appreciate learning how to place a bike chain

  8. What causes chains to break a lot ?

  9. When we were kids in the Sixties we just used a nail and hammer on a block of wood or small nut to remove the pins. Thing have really changed since then. Don't you need to peen the pin or pins?

  10. what if you don't have that chain tool??

  11. What do you call this device to connect the chain ?

  12. The video is very useful for everyone to I have a lesson to change the chain but tell me the tools names please

  13. why not just look for the masterlink and pop it open with a pliers etc?

  14. You have great videos! I am learning lots from watching them. Also learning what tools I need. 🙂

    Thanks for making the videos!

  15. Thank goodness for you, RJ. I've learned a lot about repairing my own bike by watching your videos.

  16. I like KMC chains with missing link, it's so easy to take off chain.

  17. Are bike chains directional? is there a specific way the chain fits or it doesn't matter?

  18. I appreciate the time taken to make this video. Thanks!

  19. what is your usual chain change interval?

  20. What brand of bike stand are you using in this video?

  21. Great videos!! I'm currently a bike tech at Dick's sports. I don't own a bike but plan on getting one soon. That fact that I only work part time means I only get a few hours of bike time every week. Thanks. Great stuff

  22. Thanks RJ…followed your instructions, and I'm back on the rode with a new chain.

  23. Chains have different sizes, #35, #40, #41, #428 etc. #428 is for crossers or quad. #35 is (i guess) for bikcycles.

  24. Is a bicycle chain a #35 chain?

  25. If it's past 1% you probably need to change the cassette as well.

  26. nice job

  27. Can a used chain be reinstalled by pushing the link pin back in again? I ask as I bought an old bike that needs a deep cleaning yet is not stretched.

  28. Of course the better tool is better, but most of us will buy the cheaper tool. I'm not picking on you, it's just that your video is the first result when I search for (park tool "ct-5"). I guess you're doing that with tags.

  29. Really nice review on this process – well done 

  30. Thanks for all your bike videos; they're very helpful. I have a question about this one, regarding measuring the new chain.

    Around minute 4:104:41, where you're showing how to measure the new chain, the action is so far from the camera that I can't see what you're doing there. This is the part of the process I was most in the dark about! If you ever re-do this video, would you show this part right up close to the camera? Thank you!

  31. good info.  thanks for making.

  32. very useful. thanks

  33. Great video, i found every thing i needed to put a new chain on my bike :)

  34. ive seen other videos where it was important to check which way the brand writing was facing on the chain links.. ie to be sure to have them facing outwards and forwards.. i dont know if there is a subtle difference on some chains like this

  35. Hey your videos are awesome! I bought a bike at a yard sale and I'm restoring the entire thing. Your videos are really helping me. Thank you sir, keep up the good work

  36. Is there a rough estimate for how many miles or years a chain might last? It seems like that'd require quite a lot of miles to wear the chain down that much, but I honestly am not sure.

  37. What if you don't have the old chain to compare it against?

  38. I always buy speed links when buying a new chain as it makes everything much more easier when it comes to fitting and removeing a chain

  39. Do you need to lube a new chain?