Bicycle Wheel Anatomy – Hub Axle Spokes Rim – DIY Bike Repair – BikemanforU Bicycle wheel anatomy for everyone from YouTube’s how-to guru of DIY bike repair. Free shipping on bike wheels, parts, tires, tools and cycle accessories. For how-to videos that will keep you smiling, check out the BikemanforU DIY Channel Subscribing is free for new videos every week. Learn how you can fix your own bike with persistence and by sharing your knowledge with others. In this tutorial, BMFU shows us what the essential parts of a wheel look like and how to identify and name them. Get the lingo right and we can all discuss bike repair together no matter where we are in the world. He delves into super high-tech performance tips, too, showing us the importance of proper wheel dish and how to get it. This video tutorial is for beginners through advanced viewers watching the BMFU school of spiritual beauty and bike repair. Those who already know the correct terminology will appreciate the refresher when he holds up bike parts, saying: “This is the hub. Spokes go in the holes of the hub alternately all the way around. Spokes attach from the hub to the rim. Hub, spokes, and rim make up a wheel. Tire and tube install on the wheel. A spoke consists of the spoke and nipple…” The instructional video continues “We true every other spoke in a cross pattern and figuring out spoke length consists of a big long chart measuring the distance of the hub, measure the hub thickness and figure out how many speeds you’re running in back on your freewheel or cassette hub.” The difference between a freewheel, which threads onto the hub, and a cassette, which is fatter and slides on, is also addressed. Questions about axles get answers: An axle can be hollow quick release or a solid bolt-on. The rubber rim strip applies to the inside of the rim and protects the tube against the spoke nipples. Learn the difference between a single wall rim vs a double-wall rim, which has recessed spoke nipples and offers more strength when needed. What is wheel dish? Watch the answer here: “When I start to put a freewheel and all of this business in here. I want the whole assembly to be in the center of the hub, so you have to compensate. one side will be flatter than the other side – it’s called the dish of a wheel. How do I get the center correct? You have to have a dishing tool if you’re building up a wheel and tightening and loosening spokes.” He also has tips if you’re curious about fixing a broken wheel or trying to straighten a wheel that’s been tacoed. “Just play with it,” says the wise one. “Try to get a junker wheel and mess with it a little wheel bit. Put it up there (in your repair stand.). Start tightening and loosening spokes and examining what it does and how it does,” he says, adding, “It can’t do any harm. If it’s a junker wheel it’s a junker wheel – who gives a damn.” Watch step-by-step tutorials truing a bicycle wheel in this BikemanforU playlist The how-to video for using the Park Tool wheel dish tool is there and so is BikemanforU’s favorite video on how you can make your own tool to squeeze the truth from a wheel. Or break out the popcorn as you settle in for some viewing pleasure with the whole BikemanforU enchilada otherwise known as Wheel and Spoke playlist


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  1. hey, I have 26 inch mag wheels on my GT mountain bike and noticed a very annoying clicking/crackling from my back rim even while not peddling. The bike shop can't figure out what's causing the noise and suggested its the cassette cartridge and have to order one from the maker of the rims (TENY) but i purchased the rims on ebay because they don't sell mag rims in the US. I cant find any info on cassette "cartridges" or videos pertaining to mag rim repairs and I'm not sure its even a real thing now. Do you know what it may be and how could I repair it without purchasing a new rim? Thanks.

  2. Another on spot video tutorial. Short. Sweet. Simple. Show me the money . . .

  3. Awesome. That was so comprehensive. I just have one question.. what's the difference between male and female axle?

  4. BikemanforU, what are your take on those "lawyer tabs" or safety washers that are on front wheels? Necessary? I've seen a kid back in the 80's on a 10 speed have his wheel fall off and he crashed right on his face in the street. His teeth were all bashed out and everything. Whole neighborhood came out he was really messed up, ambulance came, etc. The dude even killed himself years later.

  5. When he said "Anatomy…of a wheel" I expected some intro graphics with some random music…YouTube, you've spoiled me.

  6. no nonsense :))

  7. Thanks for explaining it for 5 year-olds, I'm a grown-ass man who does small engine repair but clueless when it comes to bikes so this video was actually quite helpful!

  8. I fucking love bicycles.

  9. I want everything in life explained by this guy.

  10. Do you have a video on building a 36 spoke wheel

  11. You need to hook up with SupercutsforU. And stop that drinking. Just kidding, nice video.

  12. Great video!! Question for u BikeMan? Can I convert my Schwinn beach point 7 speed to a 3 speed w/coaster brake using a Shimano Nexus SG-3C41 hub? Would this be a direct fit? Thanks…Dave

  13. The high pressure and conformability of the tubes can force them into those holes. The holes are drilled so the edges are pretty sharp (though you could file them down but the following is still a possibility). A tube can even start bubbling down through the hole either popping or creating weakness. I forgot my rim tape on my 29 (a low 50psi-road bikes can be 120+) and kept replacing tubes til I saw the spoke hole indents CUT into it and finally realized. Nonflexible rimtape doesn't allow this

  14. If a double wall wheel's spoke nipples are recessed, why do you still need rim tape? I've always wondered. Is it just to prevent friction or protection of the holes themselves?

  15. would make sense!

  16. missing the part of explaining the differnce of single wall and double wall rim + dishing a wheel would be nice to see! thanks!

  17. with paint

  18. Bikeman you have yet to show us how to actually dish a wheel. so fare you have showed us wheel on a truing stand and wheel truing on a bike but no dishing…..yet. maybe you can do a truing 101 with a more detailed truing and dishing for beginers??

  19. The rims om my DH bike cost $400 each so its easier to just tru it.

  20. Hey how do u paint a bike

  21. Wrong kind of drink! 

  22. Way Awesome Clarity Dudes –
    This is like super high def -mega video – stuff- super high grade – TV quality – very nice – thanks to your Executive Producer , Normy, aka Mr. Pump

  23. I think I would just rather buy a new wheel. Lol

  24. Thank You Bikeman for teaching me about the dish of a wheel I learned something new

  25. This video is rude

  26. You forgot the nipples :p

  27. Hozan C-737

  28. bike mannnnnn~
    do a campy vintage BB removal and a rim worn out video plzzzzz

  29. Bike man, you sound upset in this video, are your bowels troubling you. Perhaps a bran muffin or some prunes would clear things up?

  30. So in essence you want him to explain how to build a bicycle wheel in a Youtube response? There are BOOKS on this subject!

    One of my favorites; Google "art of wheelbuilding" and you can find a free PDF of this awesome book by Gerd Schraner. Wheelbuilding is an ART. This book is a start to gain just some of the knowledge required. Any monkey can lace a wheel. Getting it true and right is another matter.

  31. hello, I'm looking to buy a new rim, hub and spokes so I would like to know how to put all of this together on a 20" BMX bike. Thanks

  32. Heh…Heh heh…He said nipple! Heh…

  33. First