Bicycle Puncture Repair – Fixing A Flat Tyre Fast

How to repair a bicycle puncture the quick and easy way. Handle that flat tyre fast. Brought to you by


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  2. Nice tricks to make the job easier.

  3. impressive technique for fixing a flat tire FAST
    worked great. cheers from canada

  4. does it matter if your tire has a hole? Like if I just patch up the tube and the outside tire has a hole can I still ride it?

  5. Overall excellent description, but shouldn't you look for the puncture in the tire itself and mark it before removing from the rim if hard to find perhaps dip a tire into a water and if necessary fill it with some hardening glue or patch it from inside. This way both tire and tube are back to almost new and safe condition.

  6. Some great tips – cheers

  7. thank you this video helped me alot

  8. Good video thanks.
    I remember needing 3 or 4 small tire levers to do this when I was young.

  9. Can i use aluminium foil tape instead of the tape u used.?

  10. Thankyou !!

  11. been doing this wrong for years , thanks

  12. New product on market called, "Liquid Tape." Make sure there's no air in tube — let liquid tape dry over night after using generous amount to cover the hole.

  13. 10/10 made me sign in so I could 'like'

  14. Key step left out:
    Always check inside the tyre – run your fingers around to feel for an obstruction – the shard/wire/bail/tack/cat head that caused the problem will often still be lodged there – meaning every repair is a likely re-repair.

  15. i think we should keep minimum 15 min to fix gum and patch

  16. wonderfully done. Simple, precise and no ums…. and arssss… in between. Super!

  17. scrape the tire (inside) with a washer or something metal… before putting the tube back in… sometimes the cause of the flat is still in the tire (on the inside of the tire,thorns) feel the inside with your fingers to make sure you got rid of them then put the repaired tube back in…

  18. Thank you! You saved my day!

  19. thank you buddy

  20. Are there any decent quality patches other than the cheap £1 ones…