Bicycle Maintenance Tips : How to Fix a Slipped Bicycle Chain

To fix a fallen bike chain, loosen the chain on the rear derailleur cage and pull down to gain slack. Fix a slipped bicycle chain with tips from a bike mechanic in this free video on bicycles.

Expert: Jeff Moesch
Bio: Jeff Moesch has been working in the bicycle industry for nearly 10 years. He has experience riding and repairing mountain bikes, racing bikes, cross-country bikes and free-ride bikes.
Filmmaker: Reel Media LLC


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23 Responses to “Bicycle Maintenance Tips : How to Fix a Slipped Bicycle Chain”

  1. Fuck that took even longer than I thought it would.

  2. God. Go see a professional?! Your Title is How to fix a slipped bike chain. TELLING US YOUTUBERS GO SEE A PROFESSIONAL IS NOT GONNA HELP US FIX A SLIPPED BIKE CHAIN. :'(

  3. Thanks :)

  4. Go see a "professional" – yeah right, to repair a bike demands at least a Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics and about 10-15 years of experience.

  5. thank you very much! you're a life-saver!

  6. This is fucking retarded.

  7. Yes this makes perfect sense the morel of the story here is DON'T TOUCH YOUR BIKE IS MAY EXPLODE take it to a pro to fix it. This video is laughable.

  8. How to fix a slipped Bicycle Chain = Go see a professional bike repair guy, Was, was I just trolled ?

  9. Well that was useless… Might as well have just told me, don't bother correcting it and just go to Halfords…

  10. Short and helpful. Thanks!

  11. that is all I need to know! thanks!

  12. does my chain slip cuz i change gear too much?

  13. uhm i did this without any help but yeah cewl!

  14. dumbest bike video I have ever seen 

  15. Awesome! Took only a few seconds

  16. well this was no help

  17. Awesome helped me out and took 2 seconds! Thanks!

  18. This worked for me, thank you.

  19. this was useless

  20. thank you very much i fixed my bike

  21. this is shit