BBR Tuning CC X-Port Exhaust Assembly

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The Large JNM CC X-Port is a billet exhaust manifold that will increase your low end torque on any type of exhaust you may have on your motor. You will get the “header” effect when adding it to your stock muffler. Increases torque and low end power will be noticed. The X-Port will move your current exhaust out further than it is now, allowing to have more clearance on your pedals.

Specification: 100% aircraft aluminum Made in the USA
Package Includes: 1. 2x gaskets 2. 2x bolts and washers 3. 1x CC X-Port JNM CC X-Port Exhaust Assembly Bicycle Engine Motorized Bike Motor Header
Will fit most engine kits- Flying Horse, Mega Motors, Raw, Grubee, Stinger, Etc.
Comes with high grade gaskets for both ends of the X-Port
You will get the “header” effect when adding to any exhaust.

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