Basic Bicycle Repairs : How to Adjust Bicycle Front Cantilever Brakes

Make sure your bicycle breaks are adjusted properly. Learn how to adjust front cantilever brakes on a bike with expert tips on bicycle repair in this free video clip.

Expert: Russel Hopkins
Contact: SLCbikecollective,org
Bio: Russel Hopkins has been a bike mechanic for the last 12 years.


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22 Responses to “Basic Bicycle Repairs : How to Adjust Bicycle Front Cantilever Brakes”

  1. a great help thanks

  2. absolutely helpful< thank you

  3. Nicely done!

  4. great vid! bike feels like new with new breaks :)

  5. i have been enlightened. thank you!

  6. Thanks. Worked like a champ. 

  7. Same here. It took me an hour to do just one brake properly. After finishing the rear brake, I thought "this is what they make the NewGuys do in Hell for the first day"

  8. Do they still make these brakes?

  9. My pads are adjusted by one bolt only, and it is almost impossible to have them stay in a certain position, because tightening the bolt the pad starts to move also, so I have to push the pad opposite way to my tightening. Am I doing something wrong?

  10. Thanks for the info mate ;-D

  11. -"…free ride without resistance…"

    Resistance is futile! ;)

  12. Rats, I got those crappy side-pull brakes.

  13. That whell needs some serious trueing.. SOry fo rtype im durnk

  14. maynard james :)

  15. HOLY SH*T an expert village video with what seems to be an actual expert that I learned something from!

  16. Thanks, Good job Russ…Keep it up.

  17. i got the same brake system (its Good and sharp)

  18. LOL Hey, the guy probably gets shit done.

  19. can I give him a tip, punctuation, separating your sentences, instead of only pausing when you run out of breath.

  20. what is the brake pad "toe" adjustment?

  21. It's sad the expert can't differentiate between breaks and brakes.

  22. why is there a teapot on ur head