Basic Bicycle Repairs : How to Adjust Bicycle Front Brakes

Repairing bicycle brakes. Learn how to adjust front brakes on a bike with expert tips on bicycle repair in this free video clip.

Expert: Russel Hopkins
Contact: SLCbikecollective,org
Bio: Russel Hopkins has been a bike mechanic for the last 12 years.


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31 Responses to “Basic Bicycle Repairs : How to Adjust Bicycle Front Brakes”

  1. thanks

  2. Thanks dude, helped me a lot

  3. He skipped over how to do the important part, adjusting the pads… Crap explanation. no illustration… wtf.

  4. The brake pads rubbing was driving me crazy. You were right on point! Thanks so much!

  5. How do you fix it when the brake is rubbing against the rim? Only one side is rubbing the rim (in the video its the left side… if your riding its on the right). My brake tension is fine its just rubbing the rim.

  6. Thanks so much it helped 100%

  7. Great & Wonderful!

  8. Great video! Straight to the point. Really helped me out!

  9. Ave advice…from The Midlands UK……agree with comments below

  10. Best technical ever: no intro, fast talking, covers everything clearly & concisely. I heard that Russ, here, used to be a freelance software programmer and he fixed the Millenium bug for European Airlines so that the planes didn't fall out of the sky.

  11. thanks for this video. i just bought a used mongoose xr-150 MTB. i had to take the front tire off to get it home and after reassembling it, i noticed that the front/left pad was rubbing against the tire. so this video helped me learn that I just needed to tighten up the screw a bit. Thanks.

  12. Great video. Thanks. It reads, "Contact: SLCbikecollective,org" I believe this should be "Contact: SLCbikecollective [dot] org"

  13. Thanks! I just picked up my bike from getting new pads and didn't notice that the front ones were rubbing until I got home. This was an easy adjustment even a novice bike owner could figure out.

  14. Thank you so much for this video!

  15. well said bro!

    u lazy boy!

  17. thanks for the vid!

  18. thanks for posting this vid


  20. Is Russ a Vulcan? Did anyone else notice the Spock Ears drawn on his stocking cap? Very cool; a Vulcan bike repair guy; in SLC Utah!

  21. We get to enjoy these numerous and sundry videos on the V and caliper style brakes because they have been around since Moses was riding bikes down the mountain. The disc brakes are new. So, lighten up, maravalhassilva! Hey, be a help to all those who are looking for what you can't find. Learn how to do it and then post the devastatingly needed video yourself instead of emitting epitaphs and curses amongst the biking breathren.

  22. nice, informative video, helped me sort my wifes bike out. Thank you.

  23. Lmao, I saw that too

  24. LOL it was so satanic looking xD

  25. u guys saw hes face at the last frame??? EPIC!!

  26. Haha the end. 

  27. Thanks Man. Straight to the Point, no arsing around. Wunderbar !!!

  28. @maravalhassilva ill take your word for it, but you did spell disc brake with a K lol

  29. Loved this vid, quick and to the point! I think i can do it now! thanks bunches

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    Here is a link to 99999 videos on explaining how to do the same s***t on a disc brake…

  31. "Bolth." Good stuff! Thanks!