Basic Bicycle Repairs : How to Adjust a Bicycle Rear Derailer

Fine-tune your bicycle performance. Learn how to adjust the rear derailer on a bike with expert tips on bicycle repair in this free video clip.

Expert: Russel Hopkins
Contact: SLCbikecollective,org
Bio: Russel Hopkins has been a bike mechanic for the last 12 years.


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18 Responses to “Basic Bicycle Repairs : How to Adjust a Bicycle Rear Derailer”

  1. O god no i have stumbled on a expertvillage vidio. Run away

  2. My chain doesn't sit on the Lowest gear unless I hold the gear adjuster on my handle bar at 1. Any advice? someone told me to adjust the low screw but in what direction and how much? It doesn't seem that difficult but its my first bike that I'm attempting to adjust myself.

  3. Wow, I wish I watched this before today.
    I was in highest gear and the fucking derailer got stuck in my spokes as I was driving and completely snapped off …. 

  4. @xXoleschollrapXx your comment was 2 years ago, but have you fixed it yet? :D

  5. @TheWildheart68 i have the same problem, have you fixed it yet?

  6. 'H' for Hard gear… and 'L' for Lame gear

  7. really good 

  8. having problms with my bike please view my video and leave comment if u know what the problem could be and how to fix thanks

  9. Somewhat hard to follow for me as he's talking rather fast and the camera isn't really zooming in enough, but I'll see if it will help my problem (once I change into 5th when I'm going downhill at about 30mp/h, there's a sort of scraping sound and my back wheel flies off and I end up in hospital)

  10. Six vids on mountain bikes,NO ROAD BIKES OR WHAT?

  11. Love these videos. I just followed the one on how to do bar tape. My handle bars are looking good now!

  12. Finally made sense… the stop screws. Thanks!!!

  13. this guy just saved me $60

  14. Good fast pasted video.

    I think that my top and bottom positions are are okay, but sometimes one click does not change gear.

  15. you are the best …for this job. seriously u are straight to the point, none of the bullshit that other guys tell you.keep it up…..good job.

  16. thanks…the best video i have watched so far about fixing derailers

  17. thanx for this, i like the fact that your straight to the point and not umming and arrghing your way throught the video

  18. you've probably already figured this out but – you could but its a bit of hassle, some chains like sram have a chain that can 'click' apart