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What are Mountain Bikes and Which are the Best Mountain Bikes?

mountain bikes

Mountain Bikes Designed for Rugged Terrain Mountain bikes are a special category of bikes especially made to stand up to the ruggedness and roughness of cross-country cycling. When compared with street or road bicycles and BMX bikes, these special hill bikes will often have larger bicycle frames and wider wheels. This increase in the size of the frame and wheel is meant to support the tough hilly landscape and surfaces. You can find a wide selection of mountain bikes at your online or brick and mortar bike shop. […]

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Diamondback Bikes – Home of the Best Discount Mountain Bikes

Diamondback Bikes

Diamondback Bikes are sold all over the world. Diamondback is known for making top quality, durable bikes at considerably less cost than its competitors.

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When You need An Electric Bicycle

electric bike

Did you hear about the worker in China who rode his bicycle the Wrong Way for 500km? He was trying to make it home for the Chinese New Year and he didn’t have the money for a plane ticket. Poor chap could have used an electric cargo bicycle. It would have made a huge difference on a ride as long as the one he had to make. An electric bicycle would have given him the ability to power through some hills and mountains without stopping. Rode Wrong Way on […]

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Mountain Bike Repair

bike repair

Bike repair is an important part of biking. If you’re into biking, there are some basic bike repair functions that you want to know how to do yourself. At Bicycle Shop Online Repairs, we provide online resources to teach you about bike repair and  to help you with those basic bike repair functions.  One would think that those cool bicycles that cost thousand  of dollars would include more information about mountain bike repair than a few pages in booklet form. Regardless of this lack of information, every rider […]

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