AmpFlow P40-250 Brushed Electric Motor, 250W, 12V, 24V or 36 VDC, 3400 rpm

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p>The AmpFlow P40-250 is a high-torque “pancake”-style motor designed to deliver good performance and efficiency at an economical price. This is achieved by the use of four brushes and advanced electromagnetic computer modeling and design.

the P40-250 motor is 4.0 inches in diameter and 3.2 inches long. The shaft rides in two high-quality ball bearings. The heavy-gauge motor leads are 14 inches long. The motor weighs 4.2 pounds and it is finished in a high-quality black powder-coat.

this reversible motor can be used at voltages ranging from 12V to 36Vdc. At 24 Volts it has the following performance: the no-load speed is 3400 RPM. The rated power output is 250W at 2800 RPM at 14 Amps. Peak efficiency is 78 percent <.Br>
this motor is supplied with an 11-tooth sprocket for #25 roller chain.

the AmpFlow P40-250 motors are used in diverse applications including robots, electric scooters, and electric bicycles. Search Amazon for “AmpFlow motors” for more choices.

Measures 4.0 inches diameter, (102 mm) by 3.2 inches long, (81 mm)
No-load RPM: 3400 at 24 Volts; can be used at voltages ranging from 12V to 36Vdc
Continuous power: 250W (1/3 horsepower)
Peak efficiency at 24V: 78 percent
Short “Pancake” motor with 11-tooth sprocket for #25 chain

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