3 Emergency Bike Wheel Repair Tricks | Bicycle Repair

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Okay. So we’re going to talk about patching a tire and emergency repairs on your tire and tube.

So if you have a tire that has a hole in it and it’s not substantial, it’s not a really big hole, there are basically two different options. You can take a bill, fold it in half and place it inside the tire where the hole is and basically what that’s going to prevent is your tube from pushing out of the tire and getting hit by either the tarmac, or a piece of glass or something like that. It’s basically protecting the tube temporarily.

They also make tire patches just like they do for tubes, they’re just much stronger, and a little bit heavier and bigger. You still want to replace your tire if you patch it, when you get to a bike shop.

So you want to always carry a patch kit around with you. This is a glueless patch kit. They’re really simple. They’re really tiny. You can even keep one in your wallet, keep one in all different places. Your backpack, whatever, to make sure that you always have one with you because it’s really, really handy.

If you don’t have a patch kit and you just have this one tube, you don’t have an extra tube, I have heard that you can take the tube where the hole is and then what you do is carefully place it over your chain ring, right where the hole is and start cutting the tube. There you go.

So then what you can do is you tie the tube together, making sure you make a nice knot. Try using a square not so you can pull it really easily, if you know how to do a square knot. Make sure it’s nice and tight. Once you have that knot make sure you take your pump and test it out before you put it in the tire. There you go. So that would be a temporary solution for getting home at least. Make sure that knot is nice and tight so you’re not losing any air.

Okay. So these are just a few options in case you get in an emergency situation. It’s always best to have your essential emergency kit with you. So your patch kit, your tire levers, your pump. Even if you do tie a knot in your tube you still have to have a pump with you, if you don’t have a pump it’s not going to work out so well. So it’s much better to make sure that you are prepared for the situation before you go out but these are some “how to’s” for just, if you have an emergency.


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