Learn How To Repair Your Bike From Home! Fix, Tweak, Tune Up Your Bike Yourself. It's Easy!
Learn How To Repair Your Bike From Home!
Fix, Tweak, Tune Up Your Bike Yourself. It's Easy!

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Welcome to the Repairs Blog for Bicycle Shop Online. Learn how to fix and maintain your bike and essential bike parts. Explore great posts and video training on bike maintenance, bike tuneups, bike chain maintenance, and mountain bikes. If you're looking for a new bike, check out some of the ads on the blog, or visit the Bicycle Shop Online Store for a complete collection of bikes. We have mountain bikes, hybrid bikes, electric bikes, all the bike repair and enhancement parts you will need, and much more,

mountain bikes

What are Mountain Bikes and Which are the Best Mountain Bikes?

  Mountain Bikes Designed for Rugged Terrain Mountain bikes are a special category of bikes especially made to stand up to the ruggedness and roughness of cross-country cycling. When compared with street or road bicycles and BMX bikes, these special hill bikes will often have larger bicycle frames and wider wheels. This increase in the Read more
electric bicycles

Electric Bicycles – A Trend for the Future?

Electrical Bicycles – An Environmental Solution Electric bicycles are here to stay. More and more people are seeking substitutions for riding the bus and train. In addition, the global commitment to combatting climate change means that people are seeking ways to protect the environment.  Part of protecting the environment means avoiding gas Read more
diamondback bikes

Diamondback Bikes – Home of the Best Discount Mountain Bikes

Diamondback Bikes – The History Diamondback Bikes is a solid brand of discount mountain bikes that dates back to the late 1970s.  Started in 1977 in Camarillo, California, Diamondback Bicycles also makes quality high end mountain bicycles as well. The Diamondback Mission 2 full suspension mountain bike is in the category of  best Read more
electric bike

When You need An Electric Bicycle

Did you hear about the worker in China who rode his bicycle the Wrong Way for 500km? He was trying to make it home for the Chinese New Year and he didn’t have the money for a plane ticket. Poor chap could have used an electric cargo bicycle. It would have made a huge difference on a […] Read more
bike riding

Bike Riding Increasing in Popularity – Capital BikeShare in DC

Bike Riding in DC Bike Riding is not just taking the nation’s capitol of  Washington, DC, by storm, it is spreading rapidly across the US. However, the growth in acceptability of bike riding did not come about by accident. Citizens groups have been hard at work pushing for bike lanes, protected bike lanes, bike sharing […] Read more
bike repair

Mountain Bike Repair

Bike repair is an important part of biking. If you’re into biking, there are some basic bike repair functions that you want to know how to do yourself. At Bicycle Shop Online Repairs, we provide online resources to teach you about bike repair and  to help you with those basic bike repair functions.  One would think […] Read more

Quick Tune Up For Spring Bicycle Riding

For those of us who put our bikes away for the winter, the time has come to dust them off and get ready to ride. When bringing a bike out of storage, a mini tune-up is necessary. Pay special attention to the following four areas: chain, derailleur components, brakes, and wheels. **Chain** If you have […] Read more

Maintenance Of Mountain Bikes

When it comes to the subject of mountain bike maintenance, there are quite a few things that you need to take into consideration. Although the specific mountain bike maintenance that you will have to conduct will vary, depending on the particular type of bike that you have, there are a few basics which you will […] Read more

Maintain The Chain A Necessary Bike Skill

The chain is the crucial element of a bicycle – if it breaks, you aren’t going anywhere. So proper maintenance is essential. Of all the components on your bike, the chain is the most important. No chain….no go! Proper chain maintenance will extend the life of your chain – although any chain should be replaced […] Read more