Mountain Bikes Explained – The Best Mountain Bike Reviews

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Mountain Bike Reviews Mountain bikes are a special category of bikes especially made to stand up to the ruggedness and roughness of cross-country cycling. Mountain bike reviews like the ones on this site are useful in helping a prospective buyer narrow down the choice of which mountain bikes to buy. Mountain bikes are designed for rugged terrain. When compared with street or road bicycles and BMX bikes, these special hill bikes will often have larger bicycle frames and wider wheels. This increase in the size of the […]

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Electric Bicycles – A Trend for the Future?

electric bicycles

Electrical Bicycles – An Environmental Solution Electric bicycles are here to stay. More and more people are seeking substitutions for riding the bus and train. In addition, the global commitment to combatting climate change means that people are seeking ways to protect the environment.  Part of protecting the environment means avoiding gas and diesel-powered vehicles.  And with governments continued investment in biking infrastructure, the demand for electric bikes is only going to continue to rise. Amsterdam – The City of Bicycles Many years ago I visited Amsterdam […]

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Diamondback Bikes – Home of the Best Discount Mountain Bikes

Diamondback Bikes

Diamondback Bikes are sold all over the world. Diamondback is known for making top quality, durable bikes at considerably less cost than its competitors.

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When You need An Electric Bicycle

electric bike

Did you hear about the worker in China who rode his bicycle the Wrong Way for 500km? He was trying to make it home for the Chinese New Year and he didn’t have the money for a plane ticket. Poor chap could have used an electric cargo bicycle. It would have made a huge difference on a ride as long as the one he had to make. An electric bicycle would have given him the ability to power through some hills and mountains without stopping. Rode Wrong Way on […]

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Bike Riding Increasing in Popularity – Capital BikeShare in DC

bike riding

Bike Riding in DC Bike Riding is not just taking the nation’s capitol of  Washington, DC, by storm, it is spreading rapidly across the US. However, the growth in acceptability of bike riding did not come about by accident. Citizens groups have been hard at work pushing for bike lanes, protected bike lanes, bike sharing networks and other creative ways to make bike riding safer and more acceptable. Capital Bikeshare A Bike Riding and Bike Sharing Network In Washington, DC,  the introduction of Capital Bikeshare, a city-wide bike […]

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Mountain Bike Repair and Bicycle Maintenance

bike repair

Bike repair is an important part of biking. If you’re into biking, there are some basic bike repair and bicycle maintenance functions that you want to know how to do yourself. At Bicycle Shop Online Repairs, we provide online resources to teach you about bike repair and  to help you with those basic bike repair functions. Mountain Bike Repair One would think that those cool bicycles that cost thousand of dollars would include more information about mountain bike repair than a few pages in booklet form. Regardless […]

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Quick Tune Up For Spring Bicycle Riding

For those of us who put our bikes away for the winter, the time has come to dust them off and get ready to ride. When bringing a bike out of storage, a mini tune-up is necessary. Pay special attention to the following four areas: chain, derailleur components, brakes, and wheels. **Chain** If you have been using an oil-based lubricant, consider switching to a wax-based product. The only advantage to an oil-based lubricant is that it needs to be applied less frequently, but in every other way, […]

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Maintenance Of Mountain Bikes

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When it comes to the subject of mountain bike maintenance, there are quite a few things that you need to take into consideration. Although the specific mountain bike maintenance that you will have to conduct will vary, depending on the particular type of bike that you have, there are a few basics which you will have to remember regardless. There are a few things that you should always remember to do in order to keep your mountain bike running smoothly, for instance maintaining your bike chain. Because […]

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Essential Bicycle Chain Maintenance – A Necessary Bike Skill

The bicycle chain is the crucial element of a bicycle – if it breaks, you aren’t going anywhere. So proper bicycle chain maintenance is essential. Of all the components on your bike, the chain is the most important. No chain….no go! Proper chain maintenance will extend the life of your bicycle chain. Regardless, any chain should be replaced after you’ve put 1000 miles on it. Don’t use a bicycle chain any longer that necessary. If the bike chain is rusted or stretched, it’s time to get a […]

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Bike Wheel Repair and Restoration – Schwinn Speedster

In this Wheel restoration repair video, the bike mechanic delves into his Schwinn Speedster bike restoration with a metal rivet repair on a chrome fender using an anvil. Then, he gloves up for some major wheel cleaning. The axle, cups, bearing retaining washers and bearings all undergo a thorough brushing. Then the mechanic re-packs everything with more grease than your favorite diner, so he can have this wheel ready for the Dial Test. Search here for bike parts, tires, tools, and accessories. source Click here for the […]

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Giant Little Rock holds grand opening

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (BRAIN) — Giant Little Rock recently celebrated its grand opening, and the Giant and Liv dealer has designs on becoming a hub for Central Arkansas\’ booming cycling community and network of renowned trails. \”It\’s fun to be part of this. We\’re really becoming a destination for cyclists,\” said Mat Seelinger co-owner of Giant Little Rock along with partners Tony Karklins and Michael Chaffin. The partners also own retailer Spokes Little Rock, which carries Cannondale, Cervélo, Felt and Electra. Seelinger and his wife, Regina, opened […]

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Ass Savers updated with saddle rail-locking feature

GOTEBORG, Sweden (BRAIN) — Ass Savers has updated its saddle mudguards with a feature that locks the minimalist guard to the saddle rails. The patent-pending \”FLIP-TIP\” mechanism flips up like the brim of a cycling cap. The company said the previous model was easy to install but was prone to come loose on certain saddle models. The FLIP-TIP solves that problem and makes the Ass Saver compatible with a wider range of saddles than previously. It also works better with \”extreme saddle positions,\” the company said. The new […]

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Factor Bikes hires experienced crew as it eyes global sales

CARLSBAD, Calif. (BRAIN) — Factor Bikes has hired industry veterans Richard Wittenberg, Jon Kameen and Antoine Berte as the company prepares for global sales expansion. Wittenberg and his business development firm Lucidity will serve as managing director and provide U.S. logistics support. Kameen will be general manager of North America and Berte will lead the charge in Europe, the Middle East and Africa as general manager of EMEA. Factor recently became the sponsor of ProTour team AG2R La Mondiale. The U.K. company is owned by Rob Gitelis […]

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Dero offers new signage for bike parking and repair locations

MINNEAPOLIS (BRAIN) — Dero is now offering a collection of street and trail signs to help bike riders find bike parking, repair stations and air pumps. Dero is offering four signs: Bike Parking, Bike Repair, Air and directional Arrow signs. The Bike Repair sign also provides a QR code that takes users to a map of known Dero Fixit repair stand installations in the area. The signs are made from heavy-duty, 63-millimeter-thick aluminum. They are printed with 3M outdoor digital ink designed specifically for outdoor traffic and parking […]

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Nuun launches new Performance drink mix for speciality market

SEATTLE (BRAIN) — Nuun is launching a new drink powder for extended activity, developed with exercise physiologist Stacy T. Sims, Ph.D. The new Performance mix will be sold through speciality retailers exclusively.  Nuun said Performance is the first sports drink powder that is certified to both Non-GMO Project Verified and Informed Choice – Safe for Sport standards. That ensures the product is not contaminated with anything that could trigger an anti-doping violation.  Performance is designed for activities 90 minutes or longer or high-intensity shorter actvities. It contains a […]

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