Road Brake Adjustment

How to properly adjust road bicycle brakes.


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43 Responses to “Road Brake Adjustment”

  1. Thank you! Finally got it.

  2. thanks. What does the allen bolt on the right hand side of the brake do? The bolt that's just above the tyre on the right hand side at 2:16?

  3. Thanks for this.

  4. Thanks for this!

  5. A great video for roadie noobs like me 🙂 Thanks!!

  6. They're only going to slow you down and save your life lol…..

  7. Very good, reminded me of quite a few details that were long forgotten. Cheers.

  8. DAMB that makes my balls sweat

  9. Thanks a lot!

  10. thanks man

  11. Ok, so Ive squired a new pinarello with 105 shimano group set. Should have asked the store to sort it out there and then but was too excited to take it away. Problem with mine is that my brakes are really stiff to pull on and becomes a bit of a chore when going downhill as I have to brake far too early because of the strain it causes on my hands. All cables are internal as well, not sure if the cables are just too tight or not. Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks.

  12. just bought a new Canyon road bike and the front brakes were too tight. Spent ages looking at the manuals and trying to figure out how to fix it until I came across this video. Great job. Now I'm finally ready to go!

  13. Best video on this topic I found

  14. Rather simple. But you fixed my ignorance!

  15. good stuff ima noob when it comes to adjusting brakes on bikes

  16. Great — thank you!

  17. thank you very much

  18. Ta!

  19. perfect video

  20. This video is amazing! It saved my day! Thank you.

  21. Hi sweetsbench, i have buy a new brake shoes for my bike brake, but still not stop, what have to do ? plz help.

  22. thanx really help me to adjust my brakes…^^

  23. This video is exactly what i need.
    Thanks a lot man!

  24. Great vid thanks for the help

  25. Oh jesus, I loved this vid! make my life easier, thanks alot.

  26. If you haven't got time to go onto sufficient details to cover all bases don't bother making a video OR

  27. thanks got to fix the the brake on the handlebar

  28. THANK YOU. I am relatively new to road bikes coming from a mtb. I assembled my Domane 2.0 myself, but severely needed to tighten my breaks. This was exactly the info I needed.

  29. When I apply brakes, only one side of the brake pad goes towards the rim. Also, they're very squeaky 

  30. You made this stupidly simple. Thank you!

  31. Does the rim on a fixie get worn out 

  32. my brake doesn't have the center adjusting bolt; only one side moves the other doesn't spring back. What am I doing wrong?

  33. My brakes are different (MTB).  But killer video!  Very professional and funny host!

  34. What if my Ultegra brake (front) does not have the adjustment bolt at the back of the fork? How do I adjust them to touch the rim at the same time?

  35. PERFECT VIDEO, appreciate it! Just what I needed.

  36. I have older Shimano 105 caliper brakes that won't center over the wheel. They always push and rub on one side. Any ideas? 

  37. Thanks so much for your help. My friend told me he saw a video that would help me fix my brakes and this could have been the perfect one. Now I can ride easy and free. 

  38. great instructional video…thanks!

  39. thanks, usually afraid to touch the tension for cables , but that wasn't too bad . Improved it and learn something.

  40. Thanks for the very useful, and informative video.

  41. What tool does he use to adjust the caliper where he goes in the top of the forks?

  42. Perfect! My brakes that have been out of whack for a couple of years because I was avoiding going to get my bike serviced professionally are now fixed! Took 10 mins. Thanks!

  43. just spent an hour trying to sort my brakes then thought id try youtube. Now sorted so thank you for stopping me going insane! cheers