Repairing A Loose Bike Wheel – Hub Overhaul

I bought a Giant mountain bike at a thrift store and found the front wheel had a ton of play in the hub. It would wiggle a lot. i am guessing it would have been a bit scary to ride. If there had been just a little play, I probably would have just adjusted the cones. but with as much play as it had, I wanted to check the bearings, cones and races for damage. Since I was going to be taking it apart anyway, I overhauled the hub. I disassembled it. Cleaned all of the parts. I replaced the bearings. The cones were damaged, so I replaced those as well. Lubed everything up. Assembled it. And then adjusted it.

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45 Responses to “Repairing A Loose Bike Wheel – Hub Overhaul”

  1. great video thanks for sharing.

  2. How much would this be to take to a shop and have them do?

  3. I mean you are returnig this old materiales although you show in video you have new locknut

  4. excuse me why are you use the same old expired

  5. you did a great job man! im actually learning every videos you made thanks for these i got a lot of tricks from you!

  6. are bike shops free?

  7. sometimes i see people tighten those cones so they don't have play and spin smoothly but they don't realize that the quickrelease is also putting force on the bearing while attached to the frame
    u need to tighten the cone so that i has just a little bit of play and then when u tighten the quickrelease it will be gone
    also u can't get it perfect everytime whenever i get the cone perfect and then tighten the locknut there is a little bit of play and u need to tighten the cone more before tightening the locknut so it will make a perfect fit but as i said the quickrelease is also putting force on it so don't tighten it so much before putting quickrelease and then trying it cuz if it's a little bit too tight it will wear the bearing prematurely

  8. Hi there. The front wheel have 10 bearings and the rear wheel has 9??? In the other video you tell us so.

  9. Nice job I enjoy your videos; they are very helpful.

  10. Are those 3/16" bearings? You never mentioned the size. Thanks for the cool video.

  11. so if a cone gets damaged you can change it
    but if the other part on which balls roll get damaged
    you have to change the entire hub?

  12. Love your vids man :-)

  13. Please Help my front rim has been locking up when I ride my bike, I lossen the cones then its too lose. And the rim tightens no matter how tight or loose it is

  14. what do you do if your rear wheel twists to one side

  15. For fun, you should try to take the bearings out without removing the cones.

  16. ((Well said))

  17. Gloves help, thank you for this video.

  18. My friend's bike has the same problem but at the rear wheel. Do I have to take out the cassette?

  19. Hi RJ. Love your videos.

    I'm just getting to grips with maintaining my own bike. I've replaced the bearings using fixed bearings in a metal housing (I've ordered a big bag of standard bearings online, but my local shop only sells the fixed ones, and they only had one so I couldn't cannibalise them). A day later I'm getting a bit of play on the wheel again.

    I was careful to tighten the cones as you described, and placed the bearing units with the bearings facing the cones (is this correct? That's how the previous set was installed)?

    Would I be better off just using non-housed bearings?

    Would appreciate any advice.


  20. Are the bearings suppose to just fall out? Took the tire off and i'm now looking for the bearings on the ground….

  21. How do you call the metal part where the bearings are placed, how to take those out ?

  22. When you got the different threaded cones, I was like awww, that sucks. 
    A great video, really. Most people don't possess both video making/editing and the main skills required. Good job on both, a very informative and step wise video indeed. Even I learned a lot about hubs and I know nothing about them. 

    My rear wheel also has a little wobble, nowhere near your bicycle, just a little give when I move it about. I'll go to the LBS to get it done.

  23. One day YouTube will steal everyone's business trade. DIY is the future!

  24. What is the size of the ball bearing?

  25. Very useful RJ. I just purchased a new wheel about 7 months ago and the hub is already loose and rattling. So I will make a go of tightening up the cone or something of that nature. Many thanks. ATB Mark.

  26. Does this work on the rear axle of a dirt jumper?

  27. This video is just what I need. Apart from removing the cassette, is there any difference in procedure when working on the rear hub? Does the magnetic tool have a name? Very helpful video, thanks.

  28. Thanks for the info, guess I'll try it myself next time.

  29. Hey RJ, I got a quick question. I am no expert on hubs etc but I wanted to single speed my bike. I did that, and I have no clue how to put my rear axel and all that together, it's not barely spinning and is wobbly as heck. If I took it into a bike shop, how much would they charge me, roughly? Just for new bolts, bearings etc..

  30. If i loosen the lock nut alone will that loosen the cone nut as well over time? i dont have the thin wrench for the cone nut i just have regular wrench. My wheel is tight doesnt spin freely i believe this is the cause. thanks!!

  31. I haven't counted but, you must have said "go ahead" about a 100 times…..

  32. watching this video made me realise what those annoying skinny wrenches you get in puncture repair kits are used for! cheers matey

  33. This guy is great, thanks for posting these handy instruction videos. Subscribed and thumbs up.

  34. Hey +RJ The Bike Guy how much did you get this bike for at the thrift store 

  35. I think my back wheel needs a overhaul or just replaced. I can see one of the ball bearings sticking out, and the wheel is quite loose and makes a grinding noise when you pedal. It had originally locked up, and by moving it backwards for a bit. I was able to loosen whatever up, and able to get myself home. I had go quite slow, with the really bad wheel shake. It got me home though, which is all that mattered.

  36. I have  a cruiser bike, it's a windwood Schwinn 26 in and I found out the cones were loose and just needed tightened up, but i'm going to buy all new bearing for my bike tomorrow. Real good video

  37. Gabriel Steele, you need to get one of the skinny wrenches (cone wrench) to do this right.

  38. the hub wads loose on my front wheel on my mountain bike, so i (attempted to) tighten it, but since i have a disc brake i forgot to measure to get in in right now its all wonky. then i came across this vid which was helpful but  its is still wonky… i dont know what to do cause i dont have one of those skinny wrenches 

  39. So you never said. Did this fix the play in your wheel?

  40. does this work on a rear BMX hub?

  41. thank you for this

  42. Subd. Thanks for a great vid. Keep It Up! :)

  43. How do your hands not burn from the paint thinner?

  44. Great instructions!! You really helped me out! Thanks!! Keep making videos!

  45. Great instructions!