How to True (Straighten) a Bicycle Wheel

This video will show you how to fix a bike wheel which is no longer straight. This is quite an easy task which only requires one basic tool.

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  1. Good simple instructions..

  2. thanks! very helpful!

  3. going to try this out for the first time tonight. cant be bothered to take my bike into the shop every time i need something tweaked.

  4. Dude omg you just saved me from buying a new rim

  5. lol i have a bmx bike with no brake, fro the factory :/

  6. I watched this video approx. 1 year ago. It was incredibly useful and effectively taught me the first steps in how to true wheels. Since then I must have true'ed about 50 wheels successfully. Thanks. much appreciated.

  7. Now I just need some day light and some time to figure out if my rear wheel isn't true or if the rim is bent somehow. Probably just not true. Doubt any sort of impact could affect the lateral rotation of a small section. Now you need to make a video on alignment from front to back/chain tension. Nothing is worse than pushing your bike forward and instead of hearing the classic tick tick tick tick, your pedals just keep going with the tire.

  8. It's not only a braking problem, having unbalanced wheels is also dangerous at high speeds, specially when cornering, and feels really weird in general. Also, the wheel ends up failing a lot sooner.

  9. nice video….but  man…you just go  on and on about details that are irrelevant…:(

  10. This video has saved me the cost of going to have my bike fixed by professionals. Recently got hit on it and she drove up over the back; thankfully, only the wheel bent and the frame is still solid (I now stand by Mongoose bikes.) My mechanic friend quickly noticed the wheel was bent and rubbing on the brakes. This should hopefully fix it.

  11. Thanks,CJ. Very good information.


  13. great informative video. anybody who listened to what this video had to say should give the video a thumbs up

  14. what if the spokes have already been over-tightened or over-loosened, so that the net change is not zero. Is there a way to fix that?

  15. Straighten rules are great. Thanks!

  16. very helpful! thanks cj

  17. Thanks for showing this.

  18. A great video! Thank you very much. Good to know I need not to buy necessarily a spoke key.

  19. Thanks this made my day. I did not want to buy a truing device!

  20. thanks buddy for ur awesome tutorial…..

  21. very helpful.

  22. Thank you for the video! It helped me a lot. I was so sick and tired of riding my bike with croocked wheels. Thanks again!

  23. very useful, thanks

  24. Great video CJ, very informative.

  25. Thanks for this video man, this has really helped a lot. Both tires on my bike, and a tire on each of my nieces bikes are bent, and my solution was to just loosen the brakes. I went and bought a set of spoke wrenches and I plan on spending a few hours next week truing the wheels on all of our bikes.

  26. thank you, my bike is really bent and I'm proud I found this

  27. Thank you for uploading this!  Got two bikes at home to do this one.  Got the tool, now I have the know-how.  Have a great day!

  28. Hey CJ. Thank god you found your Green Machine! When you get a chance, can you show how to give a bike a tune-up? Thanks

  29. Great video, really helpful, thanks.

  30. Videos like these are the reason I love Youtube : ) My job for the weekend. Thank you!

  31. great video, very easy to understand first time user. Thanks

  32. thanks for putting up this extremely helpful video. definitely saves me some money by not taking my bike to a bike shop.

  33. Cjhoyle your video is the most simple and best described video I could find , Thumbs up for me.

  34. thanks for making the video

  35. I have seen a few of your videos. I have learned some things from you. Thanks for taking the time to make these videos. Please keep them coming.

  36. Thanks worth it

  37. you are saying counter clockwise for both adjustments, but the first (to loosen) looks like clockwise. please help me understand.

  38. Thank you for making such an easily understood, clear and concise video on the matter. I fixed my first flat tyre today and I noticed there was a hell of a lot of wobble, so this looks like something I'll need to get doing.

  39. Where do you by that spoke ranch from?

  40. great video, but you could have explained all of that in less than 12 minutes

  41. you are awesome mate! the right hand rule makes things so simple. three cheers to you

  42. Thank you for this, you explained it clearly so even a bicycle layman like me could understand this. I learned a lot!

  43. nice vid man. i had some lopped ass rims. now i cant keep track of all the ladies on my jock my rims spin nice and straight

  44. good reference to make sure I was doing it right. Success!!! I will add that I measured the spacing between the frame and rim in the off chance the brakes were off center

  45. best video on the internet!

  46. Great explanation, thanks! :)

  47. Excellent class.well explained.thanks so much .it's a relief.

  48. Very well explained.

  49. Appreciate your expertise in truing rims. would like to know if you every beefed up the inside the rim rubber to protect tube from spoke protrusions? this became apparent suspected fix a flat eroding inner tube causing flats!  –  –  !+1

  50. Great video…may I contact you with more questions? If need be?….Even when I am riding downhill my bike would slow down and I could not figure it out until I watched your video …Thanks for posting.