How to Repair a Flat Bicycle Tire

A tutorial on how to repair a flat bicycle tire. This tutorial was created by Atlanta Bicycle Shop, Intown Bicycles.


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35 Responses to “How to Repair a Flat Bicycle Tire”

  1. Fantastic Video – very informative.

  2. cool. and if anyone into bike repairing checkout this 🙂

  3. thank you.

  4. I watched four videos on how to replace an inner tube and now have four slightly different ways to approach it. o.O Oh well, I suppose many of the steps are the same.

  5. That cool

  6. "repair"

  7. @ 2:41.  That's what she said.  

  8. Is it worth the effort to patch a punctured tube or does it make more sense simply to purchase a new tube?

  9. Thanks for the video.  I appreciate it.

  10. What the fuck is this? The title says "how to REPAIR A FLAT tire", not to change the inner tube. I didn't finish watching the whole thing because it's really stupid. Oh. BTW, you don't need to dismantle the whole fucking wheel and take the tube completely out of the tire.  This is just really really really stupid.

  11. thanks, its was helpful :)

  12. Thank you!!!

  13. LOL this just made my day!

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  15. thanks a million last flat I had took an entire day 2 fix! I will subscribe to your channel :-)

  16. Thanks so much for this. I was playing it on my laptop as I changed my tyre at the same time. Very helpful! Just need to figure out how to tighten my breaks and stop them from rubbing the wheel now.

  17. Thank you so much for this!

  18. Very helpful

  19. Sank u

  20. same here

  21. To much work for me

  22. Thanks for pointing out some thing that I couldn't by just experimenting and wasting couple of tubes before watching this video.
    1) Giving shape to the tube and putting the tyre around it before putting it on the rim.
    2) Using Lever is not a good idea as it can puncture the tube

    Going to try this, lets see how it goes :)

  23. actually, u could say it's repairing the whole bike, by replacing the tire ^^ replacement is the process u do to repair the bike -if u wanna get all technical about trivial things

  24. Yeah what the heck. What do you do if you're out on the road and your tube AND tire get fucked? Are there Tire patch kits? Can you just use a tube patch kit on the tire? Hmm I will have to ask the friendly folks at my local bike shop.

  25. can you get them for race bikes or just mountain bikes?

  26. JFD492 if title was repairing the bike thats debateable, but its repairing the tire,end of.No wonder there's wars over resources ,"just throw it away bobby"

  27. search ERW airless bicycle tires!

  28. My tube is flat. What do I do then?

  29. Thanks dude! Watched this video once and fixed my first flat tire! It was so fun! 🙂

  30. It drives me insane with anger. why cant they just make a bike tyre that DOESNT GO FLAT??? HOW HARD CAN IT BE????

  31. Spelled "tire" wrong. And you accidentally hit Caps Lock while typing.

  32. I fucking hate bikes. Stopped using mine, go everywhere in my car now, for this reason . every time I go out on the cunt, its gets a FUCKING FLAT TYRE. who wants to spend time doing this fucking miserable joyless task, fixing fucking inner tubes, AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN????? fuck bikes. My car goes THOUSANDS of miles per year and NEVER gets a flat tyre. NEVER. 

  33. Patchkits? Localise the hole, be sure the tube is empty of air, roughen up around the hole with the delivered sand paper. Then applicate a thin cote of some of the delivered glue on the surface on and around the hole (the glue is to applicate on a surface that is a bit greater than the size of the patch). Let the glue dry a bit (about 5min) and then press the patch on good and let it be for 30min. Usually this procedure is explained in an about 6 simple workstep-images-manual delivered with. 

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