How To Repair A Dented Bike Rim

I had a bicycle rim with a dent. The sides were bent out. Probably from a previous owner hitting a rock or a curb or something. So I decided to fix it and make video of how to do it.

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15 Responses to “How To Repair A Dented Bike Rim”

  1. What about if the rim is dented in such a way that the rim is physically smaller radius to the axle? Any tips there? Hammer?

  2. my wheelset bent on a 1/4 of the wheel ( WIDE BENT ) what's your suggestion?
    please , give me your help bro

  3. I want to lace a wheel but I can't find rim tape around here. I read here ( that I could substitute rim tape with duct tape, the kind that has a cloth-like structure. What do you think?

  4. I don't see how you could possible ride this. I dented my rim and from the start it was MUCH less of a dent/bulge than this. Putting a standard razor blade on the rim showed it was less than a quarter of a millimeter from perfectly straight. Yet I could still feel it like crazy when braking. Every time that part of the rim past the brakes it was a very noticeable thump.

  5. Very helpful. Thank you.

  6. Shyflirt,i would realy advise against doing this. those 700 wheels are aluminium and it always is weakened when bent back into place, next thing you know you go trough a pothole and get a giant crack in the rim. you really should never bend aluminium back to its original position it stresses the metal too much

  7. Kyriakos Michael, yes, you can bend the rim out too, Use the wrench to gently bend the rim back out. Take your time and work in small increments.

  8. Hey man,i was wondering if that would work from the inside out.(bents the opposite way from the rim in the video)help.

  9. Thank you so much for this!!

  10. Dude, you saved my rim! Thank you!!!!

  11. thanks buddy

  12. OR u could just get new breaks.

  13. Excellent video!

  14. You will probably have to true the wheel after fixing the dent. But the braking surface should be pretty good. Munch better than with the dent.

  15. Will this affect wheel tru and braking surface?