How to Rebuild and Repair a Wheel Bearing on a Bicycle

This tutorial will show you how to correctly maintain and repair the wheel bearings on bikes.

I hope this video is helpful for you. If you have any questions please let me know in the comments below.

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41 Responses to “How to Rebuild and Repair a Wheel Bearing on a Bicycle”

  1. can I change the steel bearings to ceramic bearings

  2. Very nice job..appreciate it

  3. Excellent video. Your explanations are clear and I learned a lot! Thanks.

  4. Great video! I just bought a bike and will be doing the assembly myself for the first time. Your tutorials have given me every confidence that everything will be just fine. Thanks!

  5. Excellent video! You covered all the details so well! If you aren't a teacher by trade, you'd be a great one! Lots of patience, and seeing things from the other guy's point of view!
    Thanks much!

  6. helpful video! i have a newer Schwinn bike and the front tire only spins a couple times before stopping.. definitely going to loosen the cones up and get it to spin better.. feels like i'm dragging a wagon full of bricks when i ride it.

  7. Great great video man well explained!

  8. ERTW!

  9. very nice, and detailed.

  10. Great video. Thanks.

  11. hi cjhoyle! Firstly i want to say thanks for your tutorials, i watched so much of that and it is nice!
    I have a some question. I want to replace bearing in my front wheel hub. By default there was installed balls with separator (i dont know how it correct to say, this is special ring where balls are inserted). In your video you installed bearing balls simply direct into the hub. Do i have to use this separator with balls or just do like you? What is the better way?

    email: [email protected]

  12. This is a super helpful video! Thanks!

  13. what kind of grease is that?

  14. Thanks for this very educational video. Very good drawing.

  15. Taken all the fear of this task away – my Brompton bike riding buddy set me this challenge when we were out on the 'big bikes' and he discerned the need to inspect the bearings. My vintage Peugeot has sat in the dining room waiting for the moment when I could pluck up enough courage to start the task. Thanks CJH. BSA

  16. hello Bro! I found this video really helpful. you taught me a lot. and I appreciate your details, clarity of your explanations. thank you very much for your dedication. I am trying to learn the basics of how to fix bikes. I wan t to buy bikes and have the ability to fix them by my self.

  17. Really well done Cjhoyle. One of the best Tutorials on youtube really helpful for me

  18. Thank you so much for a comprehensive course. You are great in explaining the hub and wheel.

  19. excellent demonstration thank you very much for taking time and effort to help some one in need,i did all steps and fixed my bike .keep posting good stuff

  20. Great vid. I already had the tool but was intimidated to try it. So I did it and it is pretty much perfect. Took 10 minutes. Thanks a lot for the guidance.

  21. Horrible grinding noise even after service. The other side was almost blood red colored and horrible. I suppose I need a new hub? Instead of a hub, should I just get a new wheel and be done with it? I'm not too handy with tools, it took me 10 minutes to get the tightness "just right" (and it still isnt very good).

  22. I love that your ride this POS bike, but keep it so well tuned. I have what i call my trash bike (i found it in the trash), and i love working on it, keeping it in pristine condition, and yet no one would ever steal it. 🙂 Great videos, thanks a lot!

  23. What kind of grease do you recommend to put in the ball bearing cup? Mine looks black and yours is clear but mine could just be from use. I'd like to know location/price if you would?

  24. Thanks..very nice explanation on cycle bearing operation and how cycle wheel rotates on bearings smoothly. you are very good at explaining things.

  25. cone wreches rock! im a specialist myself in hub repairs

  26. Thanks… I could and should have watched this before I serviced my own hardtail's front wheel and the bearings fell everywhere on the first side. Question; if you have time. What can one use to access the cones "semi-correctly," if he or she doesn't have appropriate tools? Lastly, Your videos are great bro, i have to say thank you, because I work on my bike in my apartment, upside-down and on the floor with towels or cardboard. I needed to see a bike worked on that is not on a stand! Thanks again…

  27. Very clear thank you. I like the fact that you showed the diagram as well as the practical. That helped me understand what it was that I was doing and therefore made the job easier.

  28. Excellent job!

  29. Great tutorial, just successfully cleaned and re-greased the bearings in my hub. Thanks for the video.

  30. hey I've got a 27.5 inch wheel hardtail mountain bike I've had it for about five months and I've just noticed side to side play in the back wheel I've tried tightening the cones but there's still play what would you say it was any help would be very much appreciated

  31. good tutorial , thanks, excellent !!

  32. Great channel 🙂
    I also have a perversion for repairing and using old and shitty bikes (waste metal) hahaha

  33. Please!! My cups need to be replaced, is that possible?

  34. I pulled my rear wheel off and noticed that the rear axle was bent when I rotated it. This is a bolt style rear axle that has a freewheel type cassette. Can I straighten this axle in my vice and it still be usable ?

  35. Could you help me if I send you a video of my broken biken ?

  36. great tutorial, appreciate it.

  37. Hi Man!! You are the best in this buisiness. I did want to change my ball berings in the back wheel. All was fine until i took out the ball berings.. They were in a cage. Is that normal?? Can i put them in the way you did?? Thanks for the video.

  38. Not knowing what I was doing I removed my wheel and took it apart, I'm pretty sure I lost a few ball bearings, is it ok to run it with less or can I buy more or do I have to buy a new hub/wheel?

  39. Excellent video clear to the point very easy to watch. I have a question tho my buddy took his wheel apart to change rims I guess, and their were some sleaves in the mix and he doesn't remember how they went into the mix any ideas?

  40. Excellent. Thanks.