How To Fix Squeaky Bicycle Brakes

Here is how to fix sqeaky bicycle brakes on your bike. If your bike squeaks when you stop, and it has rubber rim-pad brakes, here’s how to stop the squeaking noise from happening. Squeaky brakes are easy to fix. To quiet squeaky bike brakes, first wash the rim and brake pads with something that isn’t oily. Try plain water or rubbing alcohol. If your bicycle brakes keep squeaking and making noise, try sanding down the brake pads a little bit with sandpaper, and then clean the bicycle brake pads to remove any sand from the sand paper. This should quiet your squeaky bicycle brakes. If your bike’s brake still make a squeaking noise, try new brake pads. If new brake pads don’t stop the squeaking, try rubbing the rim with steel wool to smooth it out. This is how to quiet squeaky bicycle brakes.


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21 Responses to “How To Fix Squeaky Bicycle Brakes”

  1. beautiful camera work. smh

  2. I watched this, whipped out the rubbing alcohol and the noise was gone. Much thx!

  3. Great video, Thank you =)

  4. Check out: Repairing a bent MTB brake lever + TIPS

  5. Life saver..THAAAANKS ♡

  6. I no have sand paper

  7. thank you! that fixed the problem

  8. My brake pads only do the outrageous squeeling when it is raining, or the rims are wet,..(and I've done the cleaning and sanding you recommend). any ideas?  I was thinking I may have to get better pads (using the $5 Sun-lites ).

  9. thanks, glad it worked will try it, you sir need a new noodle though !

  10. My brakes started making loud noises after I spray painted my bike and the rims, does anyone know what my problem would be?

  11. egads man I like your reaction to that noise.

  12. i adjust the length of the front brake wire and my bike stop making noise

  13. Thank you , it was very helpful. I can finally ride my bike without being embarrassed

  14. Its weird cuz my bike is new and 8 took it t the park and the brakes are stiff and its squeeking constantly like so bad and im not pushing the brake like…….someone plz helppppppp…… 

  15. What if they squeek while not breaking? The bike is new and squeeks like every wheel cycle and a little when I break as well

  16. Are new bikes suppose to make noise 

  17. I just got a bike from walmartq roadmaster , and whenever I break with the front or back brake I hear the noise in thw begging of the vid so is it because I need to fit it in or its because of what your talking in the vid

  18. Is there any special brake pads for aluminum wheels? 

  19. I recently spray painted my front rim black and it looks good and all but now it makes a squeky noise when i use the front brake

  20. Thank you so much. This was really helpful!

  21. dude its soooo much easier than that! throw it in the easiest gear and gently hold the brake lever to the brake that's squeeking while riding it.its going to give u resistance but power thru it and sqeeze as much as u can while still moving.this wears a layer of rubber down and does the same things as sanding but takes like 10 seconds.i ussually dont have to peddle more than 50 feet before it stops squeeking. im a pro bike mech btw and this is the method i use everryday