How To Fix A Punctured Bicycle Tube

In this video we will be showing you how to fix/repair a punctured bicycle inner tube. We will go through the step by step process from beginning to end. If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment below and we will get back to you ASAP.

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  1. BTW this is the ultimate how not to fix your flat tire!
    It whuld work 10 times better if you make your own patches out of left over tube!
    Although it's alot cheaper it creates a stronger bond as well!
    Spending less money is better!
    What do you think huh?

  2. I've been watching a few videos saying if you use too much lube you are going to break your chain bllaa blaa blaa!
    Here me fellas use as much lube as you can cuz it is going to make your chain last alot longer!
    and for those who think too much lube will catch debree or dirt thats false as well!

  3. I can't push in the valve stem…… please help

  4. No need to bother removing the plastic off it, I leave mine on and you also may risk pulling the patch back up if not totally dry, so best to leave the plastic on.

  5. Very clear video

  6. thank you
    it's very helpful

  7. did not work!!!!!!!

  8. you can still take it off if you dont have tire levers right?

  9. can't you just use tap?

  10. TIP : It's easier to find punctures by submerging the tube in water so you can see the bubles escaping.

  11. And you can use a wrench for a tire lever

  12. Just sayin using duck tape is easier and cost less

  13. If you can't duck it FUCK IT

  14. the glue always is dried out when you need it, you know the kind of roof you burn onto the roof with a flame ,why don't they make patches that you can melt in the same way and then fix tires ?

  15. Great Video, Thank You

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  17. It works

  18. yeah I figured, i'd never do it myself xD ,thanks tho

  19. very useful.

  20. will duck tape work on sealing the hole

  21. this is so detailed i feel so easy!

  22. Great tutorial! Thanks!

  23. thank you very much… this vedio was really useful especially because my bicycle does not have quick release feature..

  24. wonderful demo!it really helped me! thanks a lot :)

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  26. Nice demonstration😀

  27. Very nice video, very streamlined instruction. Some differences I do when doing inner tube flat service along with other thoughts… 1.) Excellent demo on multi-speed rear wheel removal. FYI, 90% of the time nut size is 15mm = just less than 5/8" know this before you flat and have the tool handy. If your bike is slightly different, ask the salesperson or shop mech most brakes have a quick release or loosen feature. I remove the whole tire from the rim. After one side of tire is loose, the other side comes free easier. This way I can scan the whole inside surface for any debris with fingertips AND also inspect for any spokes or sharp pieces of metal on the rim side. Caution, when scanning inside of tire the tire bead can be sharp and give your digits a cut like a paper cut go slow. What if rim tape is bad or rubber rim strip is broken? Older rubber rim strip can vulcanize easy and break. Sharp spoke nipple heads cause flats too. Electrical tape is your temp rim strip replacement friend so it's in my bike flat bag. 2.) I remove from the farthest point of the valve IMHO tire bead is slightly looser. 3.) I would explain Schrader and Presta valves. I've had customers confused over operation before. I did like the trick you had to scan for puncture material by marking the flat hole on the tube. This works best if the tire has been previously mounted like at 3:38 with the manufacturer label (ie SCHWINN in vid) @ the valve hole position, not every bike mech follows this. It's also why I suggest mounting tire to rim with tire manufacturer label aligned next to valve hole on rim. 4.) FYI, if it's a bad valve or pinhole rarely but sometimes a submerge in a bucket of water to look for bubbles is needed. Last) I would also flag bike tube repair as emergency and not permanent solution. More frequently for higher air pressure wheel systems the patch can fail. Better to shell out the 6$-8$ estimated cost on a replacement tube for the piece of mind. Finally take a mo and practice this before you flat, no harm no foul and the cold beer is closer than when you are on the road ;o). Cheers and happy riding all :D

  28. thanks homies !! super informative and to the point !!

  29. Great video and very helpful. May I add that to reinstall the outer tube, you can use the tire tool in reverse fashion and slide the tire in in a circular motion, just like how you took the tire out.

  30. what is the limit on size of hole you should even try to patch?

  31. This video was really helpful thank you I really appreciate it 👍

  32. Same issue.

    A. judging the amount of time to leave the rubber-cement to dry b4 applying patch.
    B. trying to peel those annoying celophanes off the orange rubber patch, without disturbing the line and fix of the edges.
    I see now people suggest leaving them, and removing next time when they have dried out and come off more easily…so there is no issue leaving them on for time being??

  33. great , TY !

  34. Excellent demo……you make it look so easy..thanks

  35. at 3:40 he should also mirror the tire, flip it.

  36. Anyone know which are the best tubes for a mtb?