How To Fix A Flat Tyre – Fix A Road Bike Puncture

Our guide to fixing a flat bicycle tire on the roadside.
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Getting a puncture is part of cycling. In this video we show you how to fix a road bike tyre. If you’re on a mountain bike the technique is exactly the same!

The simplest way to fix a flat tyre is to replace your inner tube. This is the technique that Daniel uses in the video. If you’re after more mechanical How Tos, we’ve got you covered – take a look at our playlist:

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37 Responses to “How To Fix A Flat Tyre – Fix A Road Bike Puncture”

  1. rite, so off to the bike store i go lol. Great video though, that whole process just seems like a little to much for me :(

  2. Helpful video as always.

    I'm told that not keeping/using the dust cap falls into Matt's unwritten rules, but I also get a nut on the thread of the valve of the inner tubes that I buy.

    It seems like this should go on the outside of the rim, but not really sure?

  3. The only part I struggle with is putting the tyre back on. Although I have only been riding for about 7-8 months.

    (I'm 14 and 5th at national level. So I'm not a scrub if your wondering)

  4. Thanks so much for this! Very clear and helpful!

  5. Thank you!

  6. well i found this video a week too late lol

  7. Thanks!. Now off the fix the daughters rear tire.

  8. I need help with a problem. I've got a HopRider 300, I found a little tear on the outer back tire, probably going over glass. I can't take off the tire because it's part of the bike, any advice?

  9. Pump? lol
    CO2 cartridges FTW.

  10. I been changing flats for years, and this vid really helped me, I like the idea of semi putting air in the tube before putting in back inside the tire. very good vid.

  11. Is GCN linked with GMBN?

  12. You just got 800k!

  13. You just hit 900k!

  14. Thanks for this video! I had a puncture on the way home last night which I fixed in 5 minutes, but then spent the best part of an hour trying to balance the tyre to no avail. Watched this video when I got home then fixed it properly in 5 mins :)

  15. I KEEP destroying my inner tunes because my tire is SO tight, wth can i do? Impossible to do with just hands

  16. My back tire held up for 10 years I finally got a flat last Saturday. I was going to take it to the shop to get it changed but watching this video I see it is not hard to change the tire, I already got the tube out need to buy a new one.

  17. Great information, thanks.

  18. my tires held up for 3 years, and had my first flat today.. and thanks to your videos i was able to change it quickly and get back on the road. <3 GCN

  19. I've been changing innertubes for years and there forever exploding on me, thanks for the help!

  20. Hey guys great video just wanna ask something about my Maxxis MTB tyre.I just got a new inner tube but the tyre itelf has a couple of holes,so I be concerned I'd yes I m buying a new tyre( ^ω^)

  21. top video! but why arent the valves lined up with the tyre logo? #velominati

  22. I love your videos guys! I have a challenge for you on the subject of fixing a flat tyre- please do a video testing whether or not using "Fix-A-Flat' (not sure what it is called in the UK) car tyre product could be used in an emergency on a bike tyre.

  23. i forgot on what gear i removed the bike tire. can i just put it back gain anywhere? newbie here hope someone can help.

  24. I must say thanks to this gcn maintenance video i was able to kom my flat repair! i had alot of practice today with two flats within 5 miles!

  25. That's not a cantilever brake.

  26. These videos make it look so easy, but I've gone through two tubes already trying to replace the last one. I'm embarrassed to go back to the bike shop because I've been there once a week lately it seems. Frequent flat syndrome. But no one can ever figure out why it happens. I ride partially in the city where there is a lot of construction debris and I'm just unlucky I guess.

  27. Awesome instructions. Pretty straight forward. 

  28. what pressure should a 23-622 road tire have ? i manage to get it pretty hard with my hand pump, but i can still push 3mm inwards with my thumb afterwards…

  29. Thanks a million, I plan on revamping a bike.

  30. Can you tell me where this video was made?  You sound British…signed curious in Canada…Alberta…Calgary

  31. Man, i hate buying tubes. Does anyone have suggestions for a good, reliable tube?
    Was looking for a Conti Race 28 Light, but im not really sure because it recieved some really bad reviews. :/

  32. Uhm Tire not Tyre XD

  33. Showing in this video very obviously; The bold and cap on the valve are not installed. In case you have a blowout, your inner tube will be able to detach from the rim, preventing a nasty crash (if avoidable at all).

  34. Love your videos, lots of good tips for a 59 year old hobby cyclist.
    I have taken part in Nordsjøritt in Norway twice (2013 & 2014) and plan to do so again this year and am always on the look out for a good small pump to have with me on training runs and in the nordsjøritt. I see you have a BikeHut Travelling Track Bike Pump in the video and was wondering if you recommend it?  

  35. is that a giyo mini pump any reviews?

  36. whys tire spelled with a y?

  37. When replacing the tyre leave the bead at the valve stem till last as this will avoid the tube being pinched push valve stem in but not all the way through so that you can reseat the bead without pinching tube at stem fixing.