How To Fix A Bike Chain

Broken Chain? Here’s how to get it fixed.


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4 Responses to “How To Fix A Bike Chain”

  1. Connector pins on 7/8spd chains usually have a very short life. 2-3 months. You need a second chain to steal links from and the first link you replace is the one with the connector pin. When you push the pins out only push it out of the inner plates not out of the outer plate so you can push it back through.

  2. i carry a leatherman on me at all times, sure was glad i had it when my chain blew on the ride home. managed to pinch it back together

  3. Hello, would be good to see you guys do a video explaining geometry. I have seen the charts that detail the lengths of the various parts (head tube, top tube etc) but don't know how to interpret. cheers

  4. How to make a bike run smoothly [tighten chain] no ratly parts