How to change and fix a flat bike tire – Trek Bicycle

Flat? Fixed.
Our simple how-to video will show you how to get back on two wheels in no time flat.


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  1. I'm gonna try it out, unfortunately i don't have quick release. Hopin for the best.

  2. At the end it sounded like the brakes were rubbing.

  3. Great video, well done.

  4. How's Theon Greyjoy doing by the way?

  5. isn't there a lazier way to do this?

  6. Trocar o pneu ou camara de uma fancy bike dessas cheia de apetrechos é fácil mesmo! quero ver trocar de uma bicicleta de verdade, daquelas barra forte e sem tudo isso! Coisa que só homem de verdade faz hauhauhauha

  7. great tutorial very useful

  8. this video seems so awkward without music

  9. I somehow poked a hole in my new tube… just gonna take it to a specialist…

  10. rear mountain bike's tube runs out of air a little everytime I fill it up. I always notice after I ride for about 2 miles. I can still ride but I feel the resistance once a bit of air escapes. Am I supposed to change the factory tube soon after I get my bike or what? are people supposed to put all their weight in the handlebars when riding a mountain bike? Is that the reason it runs out of air a bit? I tend to ride upright although it is a mountain bike. Please help me.

  11. wish you helped me with my flat tires right now!

  12. Thanks so much for an easy yet detailed tutorial!

  13. thanks so much, just got a flat on my MTB and changed a tyre since on my BMX back in 1982 :O so this was very helpful. :)

  14. Thanks. This was great. I finally have gotten around to looking this up so I hope I haven't jinxed myself now

  15. Contrary to your practice , one should put on at least the 2nd bead beginning opposite the valve and end near it. The reason is that an important part of putting on the 2nd bead is pushing it toward the center of the rim well, where the diameter is smaller. The valve will interfere with that happening if the tire is already installed at that point. I used the wrong method for many years, including several as a bike mechanic, before I was introduced to the correct practice. As for the tire being difficult to mount at the valve, all one has to do is push the valve into the tire, push the bead over, and then pull the valve back out again. That actually helps keep the bead in place at the valve.
    Also, showing tire lever use as a routine part of mounting tires is a very bad idea, as it's a great way to pinch a tube, and if using a metal lever, to mar a rim. I used levers in no more than 1% of the tires I mounted in a 20 year career as a mechanic.

  16. can I work my thumbs around your rim

  17. Presta valves come with a small nut that sits where the valve comes out of the rim. I think it's a lock nut. Do you need to take that off while taking the tube out and replace? Is it going to be easy to take it off? Logic says if it hasn't been turned in a while, it is going to be very tight with dirt.

  18. ótima aula

  19. fixed my first flat tire with this! awesome!

  20. Well done! Thank you!

  21. Thanks.

  22. great video, well done

  23. when you are using CO2 instead of a mini pump, how do you know you have put the right amount of air in?

  24. Yara Greyjoy is a Bicycle mechanic?!