How to change an inner tube

This video explains how to change an inner tube if you have had a flat tyre.

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33 Responses to “How to change an inner tube”

  1. Im not sure how using this technique a presta valve is meant to get into it's fixing on the rim as the tyre is too tight to the rim to allow that much movement. Good use of an ellipsis in the video at this inconvenient point. Hopefully the next tutorial I watch is more useful

  2. tire leaver? don't have any I'll just wedge some DVDs in there

  3. I sed to use 2 spoons. never took the wheel off. just took nut off one side did work while wheel still on the bike drag out tube put in new one end of story no muss no fuss. easy sqeasy. but then again that was in the 40s  my bike  last one ) was a claude butler. road racer  no gears.  got it from him. lived not far from his shop.   paid for it    a piece at a time.   could lift it with my little finger at age 14.

  4. Mine always pokes up around the valve. 

  5. Thanks

  6. Cheers guys. Great video!

  7. Extremely helpful video. Bloody Jules makes it look too easy though. 

  8. Very good, ''1 Like''

  9. Good very helpful but next time better audio please. 

  10. this title can have multiple meanings, if you know what im saying

  11. It was very useful to see this as I haven't changed a bike tyre in 40 years

  12. you could pause it though.

  13. I do wish people would slow down in these videos. Stop pretending it is quick and easy (it won't be to begin with) and go through it stage by stage.

  14. If the tire is bulging near the valve it is because the tube is thicker there. Push the valve into the tire then squeeze the tire and set it into the rim and re inflate the tube. Don't get discouraged, experts like him always make it look easy because it is.

  15. Good video easy to follow

  16. I'd like to see him refit a Schwalbe Marathon tyre that easily – or show me how to. I'd also appreciate him showing us how to re-seat a tyre if it's bulging, especially at the valve. 

  17. I find it weird taht many people do'nt know how to do this 🙂
    I'm not bashing on the people who don't know how to do this, I just find it special :D

  18. not well explained
    at all

  19. I love how easy it is for him to attach the tyre… not like that on my fucking bike!

  20. tubes are like 6 bucks, just change it

  21. my tire tube keeps popping out the side of the tire after I inflate it, why is that? the bike is really old and I do not want to buy a new tube, unless there is not fix, thanks….

  22. Thanks for the video. Great for beginners! 

  23. Prob cause you're likely to be out and about when you get a flat. So unless you carry a bowl of water around with you then its not much use. 

  24. yep 😀 i to check the old fasion way in water!!!

  25. Nice one mate…..very simple concise and thorough tutorial!much appreciated

  26. Really? You can't understand people with a British accent? That's really, really sad.

    Go watch some Monty Python and Dr. Who to study.

  27. Why the fuck do all these people have to be in the UK?? I CANNOT UNDERSTAND YOU.

  28. @Yieonchee Cause he's thorough and he's trying to teach people who don't know how

  29. Wow ~ Cool VID ~ But…
    Why you take so long to change an inner tube compare to beginner >.<

  30. stem nut?

  31. Very good instructions. The inner tube came with instructions, but they are poor in comparison.

  32. @carlton1903 must be too time consuming