How To Change A Bike Tire Tube – Fix a flat bike tire

A short video showing how to change a bike tire tube. Taking your bike to a bike shop to repair recurring flat tires can cost a bundle. If you can change the tire yourself it could save you some money, and the time to run around town with a bike in your car.


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26 Responses to “How To Change A Bike Tire Tube – Fix a flat bike tire”

  1. Your just supposed to loosen up the nuts to where you can slide the wheel off.. don't have to take them off

  2. were you able to get the same time
    hobbling you are not in the next day or night

  3. Why you cut the video? Like cmon

  4. Thanks man👍

  5. This is a very shitty video. 1. Who the fuck takes off the nuts off of wheel… You only have slightly loosen them.
    2. You can only take off the tire with tire levers. This guy just got lucky not to have a tire with a tight bead.
    3. Didn't check the tube for what the puncture was. I have seen people with full nails stuck in their tire. That would stay there and continuously cause flats unless you replace it. (Could be a new rim strip, pinch flat, or something stuck in the tire).
    4. Didn't check chain tension when putting wheel back on
    5. Shitty bike

  6. His tire will fall off its too lose


  8. that not how it down lol

  9. it works thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I have the same bike tire by I tried to make my bike sound like dirt bike boom the tube got a hole

  11. Great Vid!!

  12. 1:55 Never use a screw driver. It damages rim. Tire levers are really cheap and safe choice. Good video otherwise!

  13. I need correct wrench.

  14. Thank's for cutting the video on the most difficult part! useless video!

  15. thanks for the video it helped me out!

  16. your a fucking bich

  17. Wish I could see the chain!!

  18. great video

  19. you seem a bit out of breath…

  20. Hey, thanks!  We had a blow out this weekend!!!! 
    My boy is 7.  🙂

    I had trouble getting the tire off but maybe a hammer will work?
    It's really stuck on there….I can't even get the tire to move forward.

  21. Thank you! 

  22. What about holes on the tire ??

  23. Superb! Helped me out big-time!! Thanks!

  24. Thank you

  25. thank you!

  26. Where can I buy a new tire tube from