How To… Adjust Mechanical Disc Brakes

If your bike’s brakes are too slack or too tight, then they’ll need some attention. With the right basic tools and a master class on how to adjust mechanical disc brakes, it becomes routine to your regular bike maintenance.

The process of adjusting brake pads becomes clear and uncomplicated in this how to video.


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21 Responses to “How To… Adjust Mechanical Disc Brakes”

  1. my problem with my dism brakes
    1:its does not brakes enough (doesnt stop the bicycles at high speed)
    2:there are some friction between the pads and the disk

  2. Surely it's basic common sense when it comes to most mechanical repairs on bikes. Just have a try and work out things yourself. That's how i learn best. Pulling the brake on whilst the screw is already loose does not make sense.

  3. Can I ask how after loosening the cable you some how managed to adjust the calipers by "pulling the brake on"? Surly after "loosening the cable any pulling on the break leaver would simply result in the cable pulling having ZERO effect on the break.

  4. And yet my local Halfords wanted me to pay £9 a brake and keep it in for 3 days. Thanks for this video!

  5. Thanks for posting this video! I just adjusted my brakes and it came out perfectly. Saved me a trip to the bike shop!

  6. Please can anyone tell me what mudguards are those as I'm looking for some for my Carrera kraken thank you in advance

  7. if you loosen the cable it wont clamp onto the disk simple! don't loosen the cable tension people!

  8. What are you adjusting and why are you adjusting the brakes

  9. I got the gradient an hour ago as I was trying to figure why my bike brakes where rubbing constantly and didn't brake very well well it's halfords isn't it perfect to fix anything yea well no halfords you messed up its not been assembled properly waste of my 200£ savings

  10. do i need to release the breaks when checking the caliper?

  11. do i need to release the breaks when checking the caliper?

  12. I will try on my cycle

  13. I move the adjustable pad in a bit too much .Then pull the brakes on (on the brakes themselves not on the handlebars).Then tighten the bolts up and back the pad off a bit .Then adjust and tighten the other pad with the cable attached to it. This creates a bit of clearance because most discs are slightly bent ,or end up that way . Works for me .

  14. I will definitely be doing this on my subway one

  15. this works for hydraulics too?

  16. This worked for me. Thanks!

  17. I can answer why the brakes needed to be adjusted. They are Tektro Novela, I have these on one of my bikes and I am continually experiencing rubbing and squealing. I believe the mechanic knows how to adjust brakes but I believe maybe the video suffers from sloppy editing.

  18. Adjust for what reason? Did you not feel the need to tell us why you were doing what you were doing?

  19. This made no sense you loosened the cable so how do you pull the wire after! It wont do anything

  20. It didn't make any sense to me that you loosened the cable clamp and then squeezed the lever to center the caliper. You are trying to accomplish two things: 1. centering of caliper and 2. proper cable tension. I would think you would not loosen the cable clamp or mess with cable tension until after you had centered the caliper.

  21. Are you still holding the lever while tightening the caliper?