How to adjust brakes

Evans Cycles’ videos provide a range of tutorials and training to maintain optimal performance of your bike. In this video, our expert Jules gives you a step by step guide to adjusting disk brakes.

This video provides you with a detailed walk through on how to set up your rim brakes. The guide it’s on your road, hybrid or mountain bike.


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  1. Thanks. What about the time when one pad is nearer than the other pad to the rim? For example, on my bike, the right front wheel brake pad is 5mm closer to the rim which means both pads do not touch the rim at the same time. how can i fix this? Do i need to adjust the brake?

  2. the guy in the video is a cool dude cheers mate.

  3. Thank you I have a gt outpost with thise brakes thank you so much

  4. Great video I have old Shimano BR-5700 STi's and pivot callipers. I have recently replaced the outer and inner cables with the Pro Jagwire kit. The front brake and gears are working fine however the rear calliper will not fully release when attached to the cable. I have checked everything I have even lubed the cables with Finishline Extreme Fluoro grease. What could be the problem do I need a new calliper?

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  6. Is it just me… but he doesn't look old enough to have 20 years experience.?

  7. Very helpful piece of advice.

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  9. f u i didnt learnt anything

  10. if you do it the way shown in this video your pads will squeal like F**k , this guy is a so called top mechanic and he does not toe the pads  – very poor

  11. And this was how to stop weeks from moving !! Thanks alot

  12. Agree with negative responses, seen another much simpler, better video shot, not talking about himself as a pro. (and if you do, you could at least be looking at the camera, which is us! had also more info….
    But thanx for taking the time anyway 

  13. PLEASE How do I adjust the brake arms so the pads will actually touch the wheel..

  14. Thanks man

  15. no, it's you who is a dumb ass. i asked a legitimate question at the time. since then i figured out that one must adjust the screws on the brakes to adjust how they are placed around the rim, but he did not talk about that. so, go fuck yourself and your horse.

  16. dumb ass, he said that pads should be 1.5mm under the top line of the rim. if you do that there is no way to touch the rubber.

  17. Useless, what about lever tensioning? Or adjusting spring tension..all part of the brake. Yet another reason why I would not buy an inner tube from Evans let alone a bike!

  18. it's a V brake not a Disk(mentioned in the description)!

  19. Useless video by a chimp

  20. Is there a technique for how you "toe in" to stop the brakes squealing?

  21. @tomofpittsburgh High five fornice ultegra Sl brakeset !!

  22. If the pads rotate clockwise when you tighten the bolt, you can loosen the bolt and set the pads up misaligned a bit counterclockwise. Then when you tighten the bolt, the pads will rotate a bit clockwise and be aligned. Or you can use a pair of pliers to hold the pads in position, preventing them from rotating while you tighten the bolt.