Front Derailleur Adjustment

How to properly adjust a bicycle front derailleur.


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29 Responses to “Front Derailleur Adjustment”

  1. This is probably the best video I've seen of a bunch. I think the best bike to demonstrate would be a triple crank, because you would actually be doing the middle chain ring adjustment. The best advice I have for adjusting the front shifting ? Just start over as if the bike was a brand new build and it was the first time the components were assembled.

  2. good.

  3. now it only shifts to 2 out of the 3 gears and its real hard to shift.

  4. Which one is the lowest gear?

  5. Well done, thank you. Of particular note, your graphic/animation was very handy too. Cheers!

  6. Thank you, your video help me put a free Jamis XRail back on the road.

  7. Nevermind.. i'll just go to my nearest bike repair shop hahha

  8. Love the six pack option!

  9. Please some help me! After I followed the instructions, I could not press the shifter for the front derailleur. It feels like its stuck. Does anyone know what the problem might be?

  10. First I was pissed off by the way the man with the hat acted. I disliked the video.
    After that, I appreciated the simple way they explain and the very good images. Well done!

  11. Very clear instruction.

  12. thanks colorabro!

  13. also it all shifts fine but only while the back hear is set to 1 if I bring it to 8 then the chain rubs in the front derailleurs

  14. I can't find your video on replacing shifter cable

  15. Well, just broke my bike while fixing..
    That's why i almost never clean up my bike, because i will always ruin it.

  16. Wish my bike were clean, shiny and new to do work on it.

  17. fuck this shit it just wont work for me

  18. hey should i adjust the rear derailleur before the front or vice versa??

  19. Ok, ultegra is easy. Try to adjust Shimano TY21 or TX50/51 on a cheapo bike :D.

  20. Thank you for this video!

  21. MJ, Thanks a bunch. I had some cable stretch going on causing poor shifting. After your videos, moving my bike from trainer to rides up and down the block and back to trainer a couple times my Ultegra 11 is shifting like Butta! Saved me a trip to the bike hop!

  22. Excellent video. Thank You.

  23. Buy a 6 packs to my mechanic? Here in Australia the Bastards they charge you 50 bucks for a 10 min job setting your shift gear. Screw these thieves. I need to learn myself on how to do it! ……Thanks you just saved me 50 bucks.

  24. clear and to the point, appreciated.

  25. What if i dismantle front dérailleur, anyway i dont use small star, but the noise from chain make me sick

  26. My back is killing me! "working without a repair stand!" >_<

  27. whenever i get a part of it right another part of it goes wrong, like especially when i put the chain to 1 of the the lowest gear in the rear and the highiest gear at the front, the front derailleur will be unable to move the chain to the highiest gear, but when the chain is at the highiest gear in the rear the chain at the front would then only seamlessly switch to the highiest gear in the front. why is that so???

  28. Stone IPA. Great choice!

  29. Thank you for such information. I have those type of problems and I am in a rural area. My bike is just unridable at all at all coz of derailer problems. Now I can fix it myself, thank you so much.