Disc Brakes – Basic Adjustment – by Northrock Bikes

Northrock Bikes Presents – This video describes steps for making basic adjustments to your bike’s disc brakes.

This video is intended as a guide only. For further details on how to assemble your NORTHROCK bicycle and clarification regarding proper maintenance and safety, please read included assembly guide and refer to the Owner’s Manual.

Before riding, Northrock Bicycles recommends that you take your bike to a bicycle specialist for final assembly, safety check, maintenance, and fine-tuning.

Northrock Bicycles assumes no responsibility for assembly and/or
failure to follow safe cycling practices.

For more information, visit us at http://www.northrockbikes.com.

Video produced by:
CobraConcepts Productions

Music under license from http://www.RoyaltyFreeMusicLibrary.com.


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40 Responses to “Disc Brakes – Basic Adjustment – by Northrock Bikes”

  1. Thank you for clear simple instructions.

  2. Thanks, you got any videos on adjusting gears?

  3. Thanks, this helped a lot.

  4. Love my North Rock bike. Solid.

  5. Thank you, it was a very helpful video.

    Can't wait to fix my bike brakes now, I have put up with almost no brakes for over 6 months now! It's going to be the best feeling fixing them. Cheers

  6. i got my new bike, i heard the noise of the disk brake hitting the brake pad, i thought it wasnt suppose to be like that, spent hours trying to fix it, ended up taking out my whole front brake completely…. if only i knew that the brake pads would've worn out eventually…

  7. Very helpful – thank you!

  8. Thank you! It works very well in my bike.

  9. It is so nice to see a well made tutorial. Good job, and thanks.

  10. i have the same exact problem .. but the brake pads with its whole unit seems slightly tilted which makes my disc rub from the edges .. i an unable to adjust due to the slightly tilt of the whole unit that grabs the disc when brake is applied .. i hope you're getting what im trying to say .. im new to biking

  11. Helped me a lot, thanks very much!

  12. Should the Front Wheel spin as freely as the rear? Mine is not hitting (Cannondale SL1) however, it's not really 'spinning' as freely nor as long as the rear ? Thanks.

  13. I was hesitant about going near my breaks as i've never fixed disk breaks. Only v brakes. But the lever was going all the way down. This video helped me fix it in 2 minutes. Thank you! Also, I was wondering if you had any idea why and how to make my breaks stop squeaking when it pours rain? … Being in Ireland .. it rains ALOT

  14. Nice video…self explained…tks

  15. This video is very helpful.. thanks!

  16. Very simple and helpful video, thanks

  17. What is the tool used called?

  18. Clear. Concise. Easy to understand.

    Good video. Thanks.

  19. Finally I have a front brake that works.. Thankyou for bid.

  20. Thank you. This helped me a lot!

  21. Thanks a lot! 😀 so clear explanation… :D

  22. Jacob, I'm an absolute beginner in regards to bike maintance etc. I really had no clue and have been struggling to build my new bike because it didn't come with a manual!
    This video has taught me so much and i'm very grateful because you have possibly saved me from serious accidents, Thank you mate 🙂
    Best regards Col. Kurtz

  23. Great video!

  24. Thank you for the tips. Very helpful 

  25. Thanks for the quick, informative video! Just what I needed!

  26. great, thanks

  27. Thanks man!

  28. Bonne vidéo,mais cette astuce ne marche pas à tout les coup,le plus simple est encore de le faire à l'oeil…

  29. Very helpful thanks. Never had a bike with disk brakes before and this answered all my questions. 

  30. I wish my bike always stayed that clean.

  31. Best video very helpful Thanks

  32. Helped me a lot , thanks
    Things I have forgotten through byte years 

  33. Thanx
    Video very helpful

  34. Cheers mate, good one. Clear, well made, and good quality. Thanks

  35. Thanks so much this helped alot

  36. Nice.  Good video with easy to follow instructions.  I can now confidently go adjust my brakes on my new bike.  Thanks much.  

  37. Awesome video! I was having just those problems…. With my dads stupid dog scooter, now my troubles can be gone

  38. Great clear instructions, thanks very much

  39. great vid…thanks..

  40. Very thorough yet simple instructions thank you!