Chain slip / skip and tutorial on how to fix bicycle gear change issues

There are four main reasons why bicycle gears may skip / slip –
1) worn our cassette/gears and / or chain
2) incorrect combination of chain/gears
3) derailleur is out of alignement
4) wrong derailleur/shifter combination.


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36 Responses to “Chain slip / skip and tutorial on how to fix bicycle gear change issues”

  1. Thank you Mr. Stutter, eh?

  2. honestly you need to practice what you're gonna say before you make videos. half this vid is the space between your words

  3. Thanks for the vid, just one question, slightly unrelated, What are those fucking cool shifters, i LOVE the horizontal kinda minimalist look.

  4. The amount of second guessing and stuttering that this guy has gave me a headache. This video is literally more aggravating to watch than helpful.

  5. god, shut the fuck up. I get the shit could be worn out dipshit

  6. Thank you for sharing. I have a Fuji 3.0 LE and when I reverse peddle the chain slips slightly across the rear cassette. When I peddle forward it corrects itself. Any pointers?

  7. Can u tell me the Brand & the model name of this cycle?

  8. My bigger gears keep slipping or can't reach the top gear

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  10. Disliked, quit watching….alright??

  11. Hi, i was riding my mountain bike standing up and all of a sudden something slipped and i nearly hit the handles bars with my chest and nearly fell off, Could a chain or gear slip have caused this? Thanks I also think my wheel is buckled

  12. Awesome video. Very informative.

  13. what if my chain rings dont work only #2

  14. mine slips constantly when hard peddling in the highest gears

  15. how to make your bike stop changing gears by it self?

  16. do you know what happen when the gears shift or change when i put pressure on the pedals? i bought new bike from walmart and it keeps happening

  17. Also the a chain link could be frozen, that was my problem.

  18. Very informative and great step by step tutorial. Great video, thanks

  19. My chain slips when I pedal forward. I also noticed that when I pedal backwards, the wheel moves and the chain works perfectly. :(

  20. Yea and he missed the most obvious and common reason … the gears on the derailer are rusted or sticking. This will pull the derailer back which changes the alignment and can cause a shift, then when it un-sticks you get a big jump in the pedaling … and the big shifts back into the original gear. Just oil the gears on the derailer and make sure the springs are fully functional – lube the whole thing.

  21. Tx, good info & vid. I just had that skipping problem and replaced the freewheel and chain. One thing I noticed is that many refer to the rear gears as a 'cassette' and it may well be a cassette but that is not a generic term for those gears. I used that term when obtaining my replacement part and found (the hard way) that I had a 'freewheel'. I mention this so it may save someone several trips to the bike shop buying/returning parts, i.e. chainwhip, cassette removal tool, cassette; haha, I learned a lot. :P

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    Cheers for the video, very informative. helped loads.

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  24. got the information i needed thanks…stop complaining the rest of you just cause there are a few pauses in his speech…

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  27. I got so bored of listening to this, not to mention third of the video contains him saying word OK , he is lagging too much .
    Told stuff in 10 minutes that can be told in 5min.

  28. slow video always buffering never have this issue any other time.

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  31. What if I don't have a adjustable shifter on the handle bars?

  32. I got the slipping chain problem on my 18 gears mostly in the most used as he stated ones but also on the less used? Now that means best thing to do is buy a new same set and chain. However this is the 2nd new bike I had to buy as sadly in the Uk, the cost of the type of 18 gear set and chain is so costly to buy never known have fitted in a local bicycle repair shop! Exceeds the price of a new bicycle?

    Shame that it is like that since the bikes I had are fine just the gears and chain wear out within 5 years of use? and they are not cheap to buy in the 1st place!

  33. i have an ordinary gearless cycle. what to do

  34. Y`all make look so easy when its freaking complicated!!!

  35. Do I detect a wee bit of Irish lol.

  36. Thank you!