Bicycle Maintenance Tips : How to Fix a Bike Chain That Has Fallen Off

To fix a bike chain that has fallen off, loop the chain over the rear cog and place the chain back on the teeth while slowly peddling forward. Fix a bike chain with tips from a bike mechanic in this free video on bicycles.

Expert: Jeff Moesch
Bio: Jeff Moesch has been working in the bicycle industry for nearly 10 years. He has experience riding and repairing mountain bikes, racing bikes, cross-country bikes and free-ride bikes.
Filmmaker: Reel Media LLC


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42 Responses to “Bicycle Maintenance Tips : How to Fix a Bike Chain That Has Fallen Off”

  1. thanks man that was very nice and easy

  2. thanks bruh you life saver <3

  3. my neices bicycle chain had fallen after I tried taking of those fancy designs off of it. the video looks really useful and easy to follow…thanks

  4. Straight to the point and well demonstrated. Thank you! My 3-year old says thanks, too! :)

  5. That was really helpful. Just fixed my nephew's bike. Many thanks

  6. Thank you. This was helpful.

  7. thanks, fixed my daughters bike chain with these tips.

  8. Wow thx so much i been waiting on my man to fix it since June now its July I got this now thx again 

  9. Thanks for helping me fix my daughters bike.

  10. could this have happend from me falling off my bike?

  11. Thank you very much =)

  12. Thank you!  This helped so much, even with a pesky chainguard in the way.

  13. Awesome. Simple, plain – to the point. I like :)

  14. My 7 yr old son who just learned how to ride his two wheeler 2 weeks ago and hasn't got off it since, sincerely thanks you! His chain fell off today and with daddy at work I found your video and voila! He is back to racing his dirt bike down the driveway to save mankind. 😉 Thanks!

  15. Thanks!!!!

  16. I wanted to know how to do this for a very long time, thanks!

  17. thank you,,this really helpme too :)

  18. What do you do if the back wheel will not come off or come looser? I think the bolt might be stripped or something. I just got the bike about a week ago and have only ridden it 4 times.

  19. Lifesaver…thx!

  20. You're buying a new bike instead of a $10 tool?

  21. I just fixed my bike! Thanks for a really helpful video

  22. Cause i dont have that tool

  23. Thanks! But im still gettin a new bike

  24. This helped alot. Thanks!

  25. im so close to finishing it

  26. THANKS!!!! :D

  27. Thank you so much you dont know how much you helped me .-.

  28. I wish I had seen this sooner. I had my chain fall off a lot. Was late for work a few times. 

  29. Jeff you are a lifesaver! I was biking to my nightshift at the hospital and the chain on my bike fell off. I didn't really know anyone to call around here. so i sat on the side of the road searches for tutorials, foods yours and it worked! I even made it to work on time! Thanks for turning from a damsel in distress to an empowered female!:)

  30. This really helped me , Thanks!

  31. thanks alot man

  32. Like if ur watching this in 2012

  33. very cool, going to try this out and thank you!

  34. does it work also on a kid bike that has fallen off?

  35. Thanks now I can ride my bike without killing myself!!! 

  36. Thank you, really helped. :]

  37. Yeah definitely get an old road bike, I got a raleigh winner from the scrapyard for pretty cheap and it's awesome. Well, until I left it at someone's house and they pulled the brakes off lol. I fixed the chain problem with mine but now the left crank arm comes loose every 5 minutes, given up caring. Check out ebay to get a cheap old school bike!

  38. haha thanks man, yeah the reason I got a fixed gear is so it would work without messing around fixing it all the time but I've spent more time dealing with problems than if I had just got a road bike. That sounds really bad too man, hope you can fix it!

  39. Hi, can anyone help me? I have already spent quite a lot doing a fixed gear bike, even sold my television and everything and I just want to ride it. The chain always falls off at the back and gets caught between the cog and wheel. It does it a lot and it means I eat shit down hills and I ripped my new trainers putting my feet down to stop. Any tips?

  40. that was really helpful

  41. multiple times i almost got late to school because my chain fell. now i shouldn't have that problem