Bicycle Maintenance & Repairs : How to Fix a Poorly Shifting Bicycle

When fixing a poorly shift bicycle, first check the gears or add cable tension by turning the barrel adjuster clockwise. Repair a poorly shifting bike with tips from a bicycle mechanic in this free video on bike maintenance and repairs.

Expert: Evan George
Bio: Evan George has been a mechanic at Gregg’s Cycles for over a year.
Filmmaker: Ross Safronoff


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34 Responses to “Bicycle Maintenance & Repairs : How to Fix a Poorly Shifting Bicycle”

  1. excellent; short and in the end very helpful. after fiddling with the high and low screws I tried the rear barrel adjustment and bingo! a little fine tuning on the high and low again and I was shifting nice. thanks !

  2. At about :50 you say "clockwise" but it's obvious in the video that you are turning the barrel adjuster counterclockwise.

  3. Caught in the act? lol

  4. my bike fell and impacted the gear and the gear is not working what should i do?

  5. Thanks Man, simple and right to the point, this should help my bike

  6. Is in it the opposed; clockwise to reduce tension on the cable and counterclockwise to increase tension?

  7. Wow this will probably help on my bike and by the way on my bike when I shift to the last gear it takes a bit of time to get there is there something wrong with my bike? I need info or help please reply anyone

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  9. thanks but my front gear will go up to 2 if go to 3 and i need to push hard on 3 to make it go up some more and my rear gear will on shift til' 6

  10. my bike skips while m riding it and its at 7 and goes to 5 and wont go up anymore

  11. This is sorcery..

  12. Tight until you can play a chord on the Guitar
    jk i'm no expert

  13. The instruction was awesome. I've fixed my bike!

  14. does it have to be tight ?

  15. Is the rear wheel is straight?
    Is the cassette lockring tight?
    Is the hanger straight?
    Are cables CLEAN, free of rust, of correct length, have outer casing caps and is the cable on the correct side of the fixing bolt?
    Has the chain stretched/have any stiff links?
    B-tention adjusted??!!!! (6mm from top jockey to lowest cog on the cassette for that derailleur)

    And why the fuck is the stand running a tool tray in direct line of the pedal rotating…clink clink click

  16. What if new unused bike shifting is like wringing out the last drop of water out of a rag with one hand .

  17. Thanks for explaining that in plain English.

  18. thank you. You have fixed the problems i have been having with my bike

  19. I need someone to put my bike together . I took it about to paint it, and I have no clue how to put it back haha .. paint job came out badass though :)

  20. Almost busted a nut cuz of my front gears today lol kept going anyway my nuts were having a bad day cuz it almost happened again

  21. Thanks you really helped me fix my gear

  22. try to tighten the lose wire or if the wire is too tight make it slightly lose this will help

  23. My bike has 3 gears on it and when im always using the highest one but it like ''bounces'' to gear 1 suddenly and goes back to gear 3 

  24. man that bike should not have a poorly shift…

  25. thanks bud good info videos 

  26. my shifter, which is the grip shift style will only move between 3 and 5. would this fix it? its really impossible to move out of 3 or 5 and i cant figure it out.

  27. @gothickid105 you need to apply oil to it so the parts can move freely

  28. The only thing I understand that I can do is the losetensed wire thing and that's actually my case. Thanks a lot :)

  29. how does he know when its a little bit too much?? haha

  30. my bike will not shift at all the cable is tight but when u go to shift it doesnt do anything the deraileur doesnt move what could be the problem

  31. nice
    i got a universal piece of shit!!!!
    the gears go by themselves since the chain fell off when i hit a bush 😛
    now im gonna try this to fix them so hopefully it will work

  32. same thing this video shows, adjust your barrel adjuster, it should be near the cable that goes to the rear derailur, its a knob that you can twist, twist it clockwise to make it tighter. or maybe you need to loosen it so turn it counter clock wise, experiment with it.

  33. the shifting is jerky, when you shift the gears it should be smooth, so you want equal tension, not to tight and not loose at all. to little tension and nothing happens when you shift.

  34. Hi, well ive owned a Specialed Enduro for 3 yaers now, im not hard on it. It seems to be leaking alittle out from the front right shock. Its building up on the shaft part and im not sure if i should have replaced the seals or do they replce the spring ? I put 130 lbs in to the front and it holds it for about a week. Then it slides down to about 100. Any remedies? can you help ? Thanks Doug