Bicycle Chain Replacement

How to replace the chain on your bike. Saul shows you the easy way to replace your chain. Adapted from Velotique’s popular Bike Repair Clinics. For Info on how to size your chain: see CHAIN LENGTH


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20 Responses to “Bicycle Chain Replacement”

  1. Nice job. Thank you.

  2. Great Video!
    Really Clear step by step instructions.
    I'm off to get myself a chain tool and new chain.
    The old chain has become all twisted and knotted!
    Trying to fix It has really been testing my patience, can't wait to get the damn thing off!

  3. I'm guessing why do we cut the new chain shorter 1 link than the old one when we put it on is the old one been stretched, right?

  4. This is without a doubt the best video on the internet that shows how to change a chain. Thank you for the clear and calm manner in which you present everything. Fantastic work!

  5. my chain fell off n i cant find it. can i still replace or do i gotta find it n get the exact size of it? help meh

  6. Good video, thanks! :>

  7. Great video, grat instructor!

  8. Thank you. That was excellent. I bent a pin trying to remove it, so hopefully I can get a new one and do the job correctly.

  9. I owe you a bunch of likes!!i! I promise to make it up to you! You are an AWESOME TEACHER!!!

  10. Better call Saul! Great vid. Now I have to check out your chain length video.

  11. Can you buy new chains separately??

  12. I've replaced the chain on my bike 3 times now, and I always come back and watch this video as a refresher. Thanks for the tutorial. By the way, I usually get about 1,500 miles on average before my chain needs replacement. How many miles do other cyclists here get on their bicycle chains?

  13. Thank you very much indeed, very informative and helpful. I agree with the comment by Yo Soy.

  14. Very good tutorial. Thanks!

  15. I find putting the chain through the front derailleur easier than from the rear cassette. Saves a lot of hassle. To me anyway.

  16. big big or small small both extremes will do I suppose ? 

  17. excellent video! thanks

  18. its worth it to get one of the toolless master links.

  19. Couldn't watch complete video, horn is too annoying and too loud.

  20. what if you don't have your old chain say im building a bike up from scratch